IndiaFantasy Affiliate Program

IndiaFantasy Affiliate Program is one of the most rewarding affiliate programs for sports lovers with a significant following on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We invite all the sports enthusiasts and influencers to join us in our affiliate program and earn with every view from a click.

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IndiaFantasy is a leading website in the fantasy sports predictions and sports news domain. Our affiliate program provides affiliates with a profit sharing platform where they can earn money by sharing articles and videos from our website.

To sign up as an affiliate, please fill out a short registration form here. Once the form is filled, one of our executives will get in touch to get you on board.

We provide our affiliates with an easy-to-use dashboard where an affiliate can generate a unique link, with a tag, for an article which he/she wants to share on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and others. With the help of the tag, we calculate the number of quality views an affiliate gets for us on a specific post.

Based on the number of quality views, we share up to 75% of our revenue with our affiliates.

Quality views are those:

  • Which result in views without an adblocker in a user's browser.
  • Which have a bounce rate of less than 60%,
  • If a high bounce rate is observed for a number of posts in a short period of time, the partnership with the affiliate could be suspended or terminated.

    For every 1000 quality views, we will pay an affiliate up to 100 INR. The rate can vary, depending on several factors.

    We release payments on or before 10th of the every month, for the clicks in the previous month.

    The minimum payout is set at 500 INR. If an affiliate is unable to cross the threshold in a particular month, his payout will be delayed till he crosses the threshold.

    We transfer the amount directly to the bank account of the registered affiliate. In case the affiliate is based outside India, we can avail services like Paypal to release the payment.

    In case you are facing difficulties in operating our dashboard/panel, please reach out to us at

    All you need to join IndiaFantasy as an affiliate are a valid PAN card and a bank account registered in your name.