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August 9, 2018
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Kohli kicks off the ‘Veshbhusha’ challenge this Independence day

By Abhishek Shankar


Recently, Indian Cricket captain Virat Kohli was seen challenging Usain Bolt and had put their dearest spikes at stake.

Yesterday, he came up with a yet another challenge. He posted a video on Instagram in his Swatantrata Diwas look. The 29-year-Cricketer also nominated the citizens as well and his teammates for accepting this special challenge. Kohli also nominated his fellow teammates Shikhar Dhawan and Rishabh Pant for accepting this challenge. Kohli, in his video also said that it is ‘Veshbhusa’ concept that will be uniting everyone this Independence Day. He also mentioned that he would be delighted to see all of the citizens to join this challenge.



A week before Independence Day, Manyavar, a men’s ethnic wear brand, has come up with a new advertisement. In the advertisement, he can be seen urging all the citizens to wear traditional dress on Independence Day.

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Kohli, being the brand ambassador of Manyavar, took to his official Instagram account and posted a video to encourage his fellow teammates and the citizens, in general, to take up the Veshbhusa challenge. Under this challenge, he is urging all countrymen to wear the Indian traditional dress on 15th August.

Shikhar Dhawan happily accepted the challenge and posted the video on Instagram. He further nominated Indian Bollywood actor Rajkumar Rao for the challenge.



In the first test match, Kohli scored 149 and 51 runs in the two innings respectively. Unfortunately, none of the other batsmen could reach a mark of 30 runs individually.

His innings was full of perfect determination and courage and one he would rate very high in his set of centuries.

Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan managed to score 26 runs in 46 balls,13 runs in 24 balls in the two innings respectively. It would be interesting to note if the Indian opener bounces back in the next Test.

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