September 19, 2018
| On 7 months ago

Schedule change in India’s favour hints Sarfraz Ahmed

By Christopher Paul

The problem

Pakistan’s captain Sarfraz Ahmed has expressed his feelings about team India being treated differently than all the other teams of the Asia Cup 2018. Ahmed said that team India will be playing all their matches in Dubai while other teams have to travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi depending on their match.

Originally India was to play two matches at Abu Dhabi but was rescheduled and now all matches will be in Dubai. When asked about this, Ahmed said that travelling won’t be a problem for team India. The reason why this was brought up by Ahmed was that he understands the trouble of travelling 90 mins then playing a match after a gap of just one day. This change will greatly help India as they will never have to change their venue or travel.

Ahmed said that the rules should be the same for all teams. He also said that the PCB is looking into why the Asian Cricket Council made this change.

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The cause

Reports have indicated that the BCCI who are hosting the tournament maybe behind this decision. The reason being the stadium’s capacity. The Dubai International Stadium can hold 25,000 personals which is nearly 5000 more than the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi.

Taking into consideration the crowd will be packed for the India vs Pakistan match as well as the India vs Bangladesh match, the BCCI may have made this decision to more money out of the larger stadium.

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