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    avinash tyagi

    Any suggestion?

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    Tanya Gupta
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    Hi Avtar,

    There is no fixed formula to maximise your chances of winning on Dream11

    Earning money on Dream11 depends on your skill of prediction about what will happen in the actual match and luck too.

    It depends on your prediction skills, its a game of skill. If you correctly guess the winning team and the performance of your team players in the actual match you can make a lot of cash.

    You can visit “India Fantasy” website or “Gambling India” website to get the predictions about who has the probability of winning the upcoming ,match or how a player would perform.

    There you can also get latest updates about the teams and its players both on field and off field.

    how to play on Dream11;

    After singing up, and selecting the sport u want to play,

    you have to keep in mind that MAXIMUM 11 players can be selected for each team with MAXIMUM 100 credits allotted automatically to your account when you sign up to Dream11.

    Process and rules to form the team and play to earn:

    Sign up
    Select the match you want to play. Example- India V/s Pakistan (8pm)
    Select the option “Create Team”
    4. You can take maximum 7 players from one team. Also every player will have some rating out of 10 based on his previous performance and sum of the ratings of all players you select should not exceed 100.

    5. After selecting the team, You will have to Select the Captain and Vice captain wisely as Captain will get twice points than the normal player while for vice captain it’s 1.5 times.

    6. Save your team.

    7. Now you’ll be in the contest. You’ll get points according to the performance of the selected players in the actual match.

    I hope this will be helpful to make the selection of the team and playing easy and profitable.

    Tanya Gupta
    Fantasy Sport Enthusiast
    India Fantasy

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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