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Subway Surfers Hack, Game, Download, APK, Online, Mod, Play Free on PC


Subway Surfers Hack: The Subway Surfers game is a craze among youngsters. And, of course, everyone wants to win. Lucky you; you have landed on the right page to get the secret hack to surf your way to be a star of the game.

Subway Surfers Hack

So, fret not if you are not so sharp in the gameplay, you can turn the table on the competition using the following hacks –

Back Forward Run

Though Back Forward Run is a tricky hack, it is also funny in the way that it allows your avatar to run backward. Sounds interesting? Let’s check out the steps-

  1. Purchase a Mystery Box or make your way within it during a run; furthermore, pray that you get a Headstart power-up.
  2. Start the Back Forward Run.
  3. Play and perish within a few moments of starting the game.
  4. As your avatar is about to die, you need to click on the acquired Headstart power-up for its activation. Once activated, it would send you flying back forward.
  • Hint: It is not an easy trick; most players need more than one single attempt to succeed.

Coin-Doubler Jetpack

This hack would help you to collect two coins while riding a jetpack. Here are the steps-

  1. Acquire the Super Sneakers power-up.
  2. If you get the rub of the green, you may find a jetpack prior to the deactivation of the Super Sneakers power-up; or else, simply upgrade the power-up.
  3. Simply swipe and collect coins smoothly. As an exciting surprise, you would note that the coin meter fills two coins for every coin you collect.
  • Hint: You may upgrade the Jetpack power-up along with Super Sneakers to facilitate the hacking process.


Invisi-Board is a hack that makes your hoverboard invisible while surfing. You may accidentally land upon this hack while attempting a “Back Forward Run.” Let’s check out the steps-

  1. Try to play and perish in a few seconds.
  2. While losing, click on your Headstart power-up for activation. The power-up would make you fly back forward.
  3. Activate your hoverboard while you land, and voilà! Your hoverboard is invisible.
  • Hint: Though it may not work sometimes, you do have the liberty to retry; however, it would not be wise to lose all hoverboards and Headstart power-ups to pursue this hack.

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