Build The Best Fantasy Teams With India Fantasy Premium

Stats-based recommendations based on research across 20+ parameters. Live scores and match data on your fingertips. Weekly giveaways for premium subscribers.

Extensively researched fantasy teams to give you the edge.

By using Fantasy's Premium service you will get detailed analyses from our experts and receive a statistical advantage. Together with our free bonuses and give aways your fantasy cricket result will become of another class!

1 Month

200 INR 177 INR per month incl. gst Checkout

Full Acces

3 Months

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6 months

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Whats's Included in my IndiaFantasy premium membership?
IndiaFantasy Premium includes fantasy team recommendations based on extensive research for every player. The recommendations are made on the basis of results obtained across 20+ highly relevant parameters. What's more, you can get real time scores, updates, team news, injury updates, poll results, excusive fantasy tips and captain recommendations.
Where can i access membership content?
One can access membership content by clicking on the 'Premium' tab on the IndiaFantasy website. The dashboard presents all the premium features on the offer for our premium customers.
How much does a membership cost?
We have different membership plans and all of them are suited to people with different needs. We advise our users to buy the 6 month plan at just 118 Indian Rupees per month. Our monthly plan is priced at 177 Indian Rupees per month, while the 3 month plan costs 147 rupees per month.
How can i pay for my membership?
One can pay for membership via a number of payment modes. Debit cards, credit cards, net banking and mobile wallets can be used to make payments.
What if i want to cancel my membership?
It is easy to cancel a membership and it can be done by visiting my account page. But why would you want to do that?
I have other question, how can i get help?
For any issues, you can contact us