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| On Jul 26, 2021 11:22 AM IST

Ludo Money Games To Play And Win Cash


Ludo is an ancient board game that has been played for generations. Centuries later, not only the world but also the game has changed and become more refined. The game is pretty simple, and here are some important rules you should keep in mind. 

Ludo Rules, Regulations, Tips to Win

Ludo needs at least two or more people to play. In ludo, you can throw the dice on the board and score numbers. You can use these numbers to move your pieces. The home base is where your pieces are trapped, initially. To release them, you need to throw and score a six. Scoring a six to open up a piece would also entitle you for another throw, as a bonus.

The game continues until all your pieces are free and have reached the safe finishing base. You would have to move all your pieces to the finishing base to win. Besides moving, you can use your pieces to capture the opponent’s pieces. The captured piece would be imprisoned again in their respective home bases.

Play Ludo Games and Win Free Money

Ludo is mostly played between friends and family, but now with the help of the internet, ludo can be played online between millions of players worldwide. Some Ludo games have started the betting of real money, this allows players to win cash by just playing games. This feature is very efficient as there have been over tens and thousands of ludo downloads already. With that in mind, here are some ludo games that you can play to bet and win free cash!

Free Money Ludo Games

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