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| On Jun 11, 2021 8:13 AM IST

PUBG Mobile Tournament: All you need to know


PUBG Mobile Tournament: The awesome Game PUBG mobile or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been supported by Tournaments, a company that organizes gaming tournaments.

PUBG Mobile Tournament

The last and the first featured tournament was in 2018. It was called the Star Challenge. It was an official tournament hosted by Tencent Games & PUBG corporation. This PUBG tournament had twenty teams:

  • Three from Thailand- RRQ Athena(1st), Illuminate.GenZ, and EVOS Burnout
  • Three from China- The Comfortable Penguin(2nd), Douyu LH(3rd), and Douyu GT
  • Three from the USA- Gankstars, Wildcard Gaming, and Cloud9
  • Two from Korea- Team Galaxy and KR Winner Chicken Dinner
  • Two from Saudi Arabia- Arab Madness and GG_Gamers
  • One from Indonesia- Bigetron Esports
  • One from Turkey- Hairo
  • One from Japan- Team Japan
  • One from India- Team Terror
  • One from European Union- Team Full Send
  • One from Brazil- BRK e-Sports

PUBG Mobile Live

PUBG Mobile can now be streamed live. This enables the viewers who watch PUBG on youtube, to watch the game online played by their favorite YouTubers first hand.

PUBG Mobile can be streamed live on multiple platforms like or, but it requires a lot of gadgets (divider, copier, and aux cable.) For the audience though, they would be able to enjoy it without any issues at all and witness the master plays by the world’s most famous gaming legends.

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PUBG Tournament India

Due to the lockdown and ban of Chinese apps, PUBG was banned, but gamers who had already installed the awesome game can play it without any problems. As per the hosting of the PUBG tournaments in India, there are no official tournaments right away, but there are some clans who are organizing some private tournaments. These tournaments can be joined by various websites that provide server room codes and scores. You can’t have any official tournament as Tencent is not allowed to arrange one in India, but you can always play with some high-ranked clans in their private tournaments.

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