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Arjan Bhullar Wife, Age, MMA, UFC Fight, Net Worth, Nationality


Arjan Bhullar is a Canadian Mixed Martial Artist and Wrestler who is of Indian origin. His journey has been one which has seen him come up the ranks through different combat sports and be successful

Arjan Bhullar MMA

After a career in wrestling, he turned pro as a mixed marital artist and started with Battlefield Fight League. He won the Heavyweight title and also defended it twice.

He has impressive stats to show for. He has only lost one of his fights and has 11 wins so far in the MMA game. He has 4 knockouts so far.

Arjan Bhullar UFC fight

Arjan Bhullar has had a career in UFC after he turned pro as a Martial Artist. His record in his tenure from 2017-2019 is one which can be called reasonably successful. He had a 3-1 record in UFC.

Arjan Bhullar Net Worth

The net worth of the fighter is assumed to be somewhere in the range of $1 Million – $5 Million and at an age of 34 years it is an impressive bank balance to have.

Arjan Bhullar Wife

Arjan Bhullar is married and has a daughter. Little is known about his personal life and is friends with Jinder Mahal who is a WWE wrestler. He may be in for a pro wrestling run soon.

Arjan Bhullar Country

Arjan calls himself the first MMA champion from India but he is actually from Canada. He has won a gold medal for Canada in the commonwealth games in 2010. He follows Sikhism and fights from India in the One Championship Wrestling. He was recently also congratulated by the Canadian PM on winning the One Championship belt

Arjan Bhullar vs Adam Wieczorek

The MMA fighter won 7 fights before he lost his first. His first loss came against Adam Wieczorek in a submission to the omoplata which is a shoulder lock submission move

Arjan recently won the heavyweight championship at the One Championship Dangal and announced his intentions of going to the WWE or AEW as a pro wrestler. He will be a definite candidate for being an Indian representative.




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