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Top 5 Tips to Play Dream11 Baseball and Win Grand League

Tips to Play Dream11 Baseball:

Is Dream11 Baseball trickier for you and takes more research to beat competitors? Well, we are here for giving you a headstart with Top 5 Tips to Play Dream11 Baseball and also challenge others to Win Grand League in Baseball Dream11.

The fundamentals of Baseball. How is Baseball played?

Before you turn up to win fantasy leagues in Baseball, it is important to know the dynamics of the game. Here, we will be sharing all the essential aspects which will help you learn the game.

The teams

Like any other team sport, Baseball is also played between two teams. Each team consists of 9 players who can be substituted at any given time during the gameplay.

The format

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A total of 9 innings are played in the sport. The team which has a higher tally or runs after the completion of 9 innings is declared as the winner.

The pitcher and the batters

The bowler who throws the ball to the batter is termed as a ‘pitcher' in Baseball. There is always one pitcher on either side and he is the only person responsible to bowl throughout the game. A pitcher can not feature in more than two matches in succession.

Talking about the batter, he is like the batsmen in cricket. The batter has to swing his bat to hit the ball delivered by the pitcher.

How a batter gets out in Baseball

In Baseball, there are three ways in which a batter gets out. If the batter misses hitting the ball thrice in succession, he is declared ‘Strike-Out'. If he hits the ball and gets caught by any of the fielders, the dismissal is called ‘Caught out'. The last dismissal is the ‘Run Out' in which the batter fails to make it to the other end while stealing a run.

What is a ‘Ball' and ‘Foul Ball'?

When a pitcher deliberately throws a ball out of the reach of the batter, it is termed as ‘Ball'. When it's a ‘Ball' it isn't considered as a ‘Strike-Ball'.

When the ball hits the baseball bat and gets into the foul territory of the ground, it is termed as a ‘Foul Ball'.

The ‘Walk'

The ‘walk' in Baseball comes under two circumstances. If a pitcher hits the body of the batter, the batter gets a free walk to the first base. In another scenario, if a pitcher bowls four ‘balls' in a row, the batter once again gets a ‘walk' to the first base.

How to score a run?

Unlike Cricket, there are 4 ends in a diamond shape on the baseball field where the batters are allowed to stand. All the 9 players must bat in the same order as mentioned in the team sheet. Once all the 9 players have had their turn, the first batter again returns to the plate.

Here's a look at a baseball ground;

The yellow area indicates the position of a batter

Here, the yellow area is actually the position of a batter. It is mandatory to run on every hit in Baseball, which means when the batter hits the ball, he starts running to the right-hand side of the line and reaches to the other end or base of the plate.

A new batter then comes out and takes his stance on the yellow area. The process then carries until all the 4 bases are equipped by a batter. Once there are batters on all the 4 ends, the next time batter runs is actually the first run scored for the team. Phew, this is the real metaphor for ‘Every run counts'.

The home run

When the ball is sent sailing out of the park, it is termed as a homerun. It is a run scored when the ball is hit in such a way that the batter is able to circle the bases and reach home safely in one play without any errors being committed by the defensive team in the process.

Tips to Play Dream11 Baseball

Now, when you have learned the basic dynamics of the game. Let us now delve into the process of winning a grand league in Fantasy Baseball. Here, we will be sharing 5 tips which experts use to win big in Dream11 Fantasy Baseball League and fantasy Baseball Grand League.

1. The team selection should be done wisely taking stats into consideration

While creating a team it should be clear that a minimum of three and a maximum of six players are allowed from one side. Therefore, picking the best who are on offer.

Stats play a major role while nominating players. The runs and hits are the two prime focus of a player in baseball. Therefore, the players with most hits and runs will help you gain fantasy points.

2. The infielders and outfielders

In Dream11 fantasy baseball points system, there are no points for the starting players. Therefore, you have to make a smart choice while selecting the infielders and outfielders.

Dream11 has given adequate slots for thee two positions which means, they are the ones who can lend you maximum fantasy points. With each and every batter batting at least once, make sure you make a good call while selecting the two.

3. Choosing the pitcher

This is a real gamble. First of all, make sure you do not repeat the pitcher whom you opted for in the last game. A pitcher usually doesn't feature in back to back games.

If a pitcher gets three batters out, he claims three fantasy points. If he gets a batter ‘strike-out' he gets 2 points straightaway. He can be a big game player completely depending on his performance on the day.

4. Make at least 6 teams in Grand League for a better possibility of winning

This is one practice that the experts follow a lot. The more the teams are in Grand League, the better is the possibility of winning the league. Join different contests via different teams to increase your probability of winnings.

5. Captain and vice-captain selection

Well, this is definitely the main aspect one should consider. Alike every other sport, Dream11 gives 2X for captain's nomination and 1.5X for vice captain's.

In Baseball, it is better to elect or nominate a captain or vice-captain who has been scoring runs. According to the Dream11 points system, if a batter reaches the first base, you get 4 points, if he reaches the second base, you get 6 points and if he reaches the third base, you earn 10 fantasy points.

However, if you want to go for a bigger risk, electing the pitcher as a captain or vice-captain can be a masterstroke.

Therefore, these are some steps which can help you win a Grand League in Fantasy Baseball, today baseball prediction.

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