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We bring you Fantasy Football Tips, Dream11 prediction, Top Picks, Stats, Starting XI of all football fixtures everyday with team news. The excitement will always be there for you to make fantasy football a fun experience, but winning a contest is important for one and all. We help formulate the best fantasy sports team, discuss and elaborate through our fantasy football tips and Dream11 prediction about the big games that take place on a consistent basis.

We do our best to provide our users with detailed information of the game, when and where it will be hosted, recent form, head-to-head, and statistical input about players that can earn you maximum points in the contest that you take part in.

You’ll be able to get an in-depth insight about events such as the FIFA World Cup, Euro 2020, Copa America, ISL, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Tajikstan League, Nicargua League, Belarusian Premier League and much more.

Dream11 Predictions for Today's Football Match

In order to formulate the best possible combine eleven, the user has to have an extensive research about the scheduled match prior to its star. One has to be sure about the unavailability of a player due to an injury, or any other specific reason. As a result of this, the user now has a better plan narrowed down to him, which makes him or her chose a well calculated team. Statistical analysis of goal scorers, chance creators, top passers, top tacklers, and many of such factors which influence the user in compiling the perfect recipe for success.

Football Dream11 Team Prediction

Fantasy Websites and applications have plenty of matches that are listed for weeks. However, the user tends to not look to ahead of himself, and focuses on the games that will be happening sooner rather than later. Such Fantasy Football platforms have several users who are competing with one another to win maximum reward. With the margin of error not being much, one has to be thorough with his research and his decision making. In order to pip those you’re competing with, you have to strike the right balance which can earn you significant points and make you come out on top.

ISL 2021

Although European Football is quite popular in India, there are plenty within the nation who are firm followers of the Indian Super League. The ISL first started in 2014, and it endorsed the game of football in India like never before. The I League has been pivotal for footballers in India for decades, but it still wasn’t able to catch the attention of the masses like it supposed to. A Commercialistic approach by bringing the Indian Super League to the picture has added further incentive for the young kids of this generation to grow up and peruse their dreams of playing the sport in India. The nation wide broadcast on top channels, along with extra facilities, and the involvement of star franchise owners as well as star footballers of the likes of Berbatov, Anelka, Roberto Carlos and the rest, has only catapulted it’s popularity.

ISL Point Table

Talking about the 2020-21 season, it was Mumbai City FC that came out on top to win the league. Mumbai City and ATK Mohun Bagan did finish at the top of the pile with 40 points. However, Mumbai did carry on their terrific form in the play-offs, as they eventually beat ATK Mohun Bagan 2-1 in the finals.

Teams P W L D PTS
Mumbai City FC 20 12 4 4 40
ATK Mohun Bagan 20 12 4 4 40
NorthEast United FC 20 8 3 9 33
FC Goa 20 7 3 10 31
Hyderabad FC 20 6 3 11 29
Jamshedpur FC 20 7 7 6 27
Bengaluru FC 20 3 9 8 17
Chennaiyin FC 20 3 6 11 20
SC East Bengal 20 3 9 8 17
Kerala Blasters FC 20 3 9 8 17
Odisha FC 20 2 12 6 12

ISL Live Score

tournament by watching the games live, in order to compile the best possible eleven whenever they take part in Fantasy Football. The Live Score, Recent Form, Head to Head, and the Points Table all act as factors that assist the user in making a well informed decision when indulging in Fantasy Football. For instance, ATK Mohun Bagan having won the title thrice in the last seven years, will make the user opt for a higher number of players from ATK’s end in order to secure more points.

Therefore, proper knowledge of the scores, titles wins etc should be closely looked upon by the average football fanatic.

ISL Schedule

One also needs to keep an eye at the schedule for the Indian Super League as they prepare themselves to compete with other several users. As per sources, the ISL 2021-22 is scheduled to begin on November 19, 2021, and will conclude on March 20, 2022. The AFC recently announced, that there has to minimum of 27 games in the domestic leagues in order to get a spot in the AFC Champions League. As a result of that, there will be an increase in matches this season, and hence, the schedule gets extended till March next year. All the games in the forthcoming season of the Indian Super League will be played across Goa at the Fatorda Stadium, Bambolim Stadium and the Tilak Maidan Stadium.

Here are the 11 teams in the tournament

  • ATK Mohun Bagan
  • Bengaluru FC
  • Chennaiyin FC
  • FC Goa, Hyderabad FC
  • Jamshedpur FC
  • Kerala Blasters
  • Mumbai City FC
  • NorthEast United FC
  • Odisha FC
  • SC East Bengal.

FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup is considered as one of the most, if not the most followed sporting event in the entire world. The tournament moves to Qatar for the very first time in it history, and is scheduled to start on November 21, 2022, with the finals to be held on December 18, 2022. A total of 32 teams will be contesting for the invaluable trophy. The teams will be divided by four in six groups.

With the group stages kicking off from November 21, the final group games will be held on December 2. It will be the time for the much anticipated knockouts, as footballing nations look to go the distance, and register history in the process.

Champions League Live

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most watched club competitions in the Football world. Top teams from Europe’s best leagues compete with one another to win the invaluable Champions League Trophy. The tournament was first started in 1955, where it was first known as the European Champions League. It’s Los Blancos Real Madrid who have won 13 titles and hold the record for the most number of Champions League Trophy wins. AC Milan, are in at second with seven titles, while, Liverpool, and FC Bayern Munich have won six each. Ajax has won the tournament on four separate occasions, while, clubs such as Manchester United and Inter Milan have won the title thrice before.

The most recent winners of the competition was Chelsea as they beat Premier League Champions Manchester City in the finals by 1-0, courtesy a Kai Harvetz winner. This was Chelsea’s second title in Europe’s top divisions. Several Fantasy Football users are hooked onto the Champions League, as that’s where they find a higher and a more intense level of competition.

Premier League Live

Though there are domestic leagues such as La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Dutch League and plenty others, but it is the England’s very own English Premier League which is the most hyped domestic completion in the football world. The English Premier League with elite clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City always manage to bring in the intensity, the excitement and the drama across the masses. Star personnel across several English clubs are what entices fans to be a constant admirer.

Saturday 14 August
  • Brentford vs. Arsenal
  • Brentford vs. Arsenal
  • Burnley vs. Brighton and Hove Albion
  • Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace
  • Everton vs. Southampton
  • Leicester City vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Manchester United vs. Leeds United
  • Newcastle United vs. West Ham United
  • Norwich City vs. Liverpool
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester City
  • Watford vs. Aston Villa

Saturday 21 August
  • Arsenal vs. Chelsea
  • Aston Villa vs. Newcastle
  • Brighton vs. Watford
  • Crystal Palace vs. Brentford
  • Leeds vs. Everton
  • Liverpool vs. Burnley
  • Man City vs. Norwich
  • Southampton vs. Man Utd
  • West Ham vs. Leicester
  • Wolves vs. Tottenham

Saturday 28 August
  • Aston Villa vs. Brentford
  • Brighton vs. Everton
  • Burnley vs. Leeds
  • Liverpool vs. Chelsea
  • Man City vs. Arsenal
  • Newcastle vs. Southampton
  • Norwich vs. Leicester
  • Tottenham vs. Watford
  • West Ham vs. Crystal Palace
  • Wolves vs. Man Utd

Saturday 11 September
  • Arsenal vs. Norwich
  • Brentford vs. Brighton
  • Chelsea vs. Aston Villa
  • Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham
  • Everton vs. Burnley
  • Leeds vs. Liverpool
  • Leicester vs. Man City
  • Man Utd vs. Newcastle
  • Southampton vs. West Ham
  • Watford vs. Wolves

Saturday 18 September
  • Aston Villa vs. Everton
  • Brighton vs. Leicester
  • Burnley vs. Arsenal
  • Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace
  • Man City vs. Southampton
  • Newcastle vs. Leeds
  • Norwich vs. Watford
  • Tottenham vs. Chelsea
  • West Ham vs. Man Utd
  • Wolves vs. Brentford

Saturday 25 September
  • Arsenal vs. Tottenham
  • Brentford vs. Liverpool
  • Chelsea vs. Man City
  • Crystal Palace vs. Brighton
  • Everton vs. Norwich
  • Leeds vs. West Ham
  • Leicester vs. Burnley
  • Man Utd vs. Aston Villa
  • Southampton vs. Wolves
  • Watford vs. Newcastle

Saturday 2 October
  • Brighton vs. Arsenal
  • Burnley vs. Norwich
  • Chelsea vs. Southampton
  • Crystal Palace vs. Leicester
  • Leeds vs. Watford
  • Liverpool vs. Man City
  • Man Utd vs. Everton
  • Tottenham vs. Aston Villa
  • West Ham vs. Brentford
  • Wolves vs. Newcastle

Saturday 16 October
  • Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace
  • Aston Villa vs. Wolves
  • Brentford vs. Chelsea
  • Everton vs. West Ham
  • Leicester vs. Man Utd
  • Man City vs. Burnley
  • Newcastle vs. Tottenham
  • Norwich vs. Brighton
  • Southampton vs. Leeds
  • Watford vs. Liverpool

Saturday 23 October
  • Arsenal vs. Aston Villa
  • Brentford vs. Leicester
  • Brighton vs. Man City
  • Chelsea vs. Norwich
  • Crystal Palace vs. Newcastle
  • Everton vs. Watford
  • Leeds vs. Wolves
  • Man Utd vs. Liverpool
  • Southampton vs. Burnley
  • West Ham vs. Tottenham

Saturday 30 October
  • Aston Villa vs. West Ham
  • Burnley vs. Brentford
  • Leicester vs. Arsenal
  • Liverpool vs. Brighton
  • Man City vs. Crystal Palace
  • Newcastle vs. Chelsea
  • Norwich vs. Leeds
  • Tottenham vs. Man Utd
  • Watford vs. Southampton
  • Wolves vs. Everton

Saturday 6 November
  • Arsenal vs. Watford
  • Brentford vs. Norwich
  • Brighton vs. Newcastle
  • Chelsea vs. Burnley
  • Crystal Palace vs. Wolves
  • Everton vs. Tottenham
  • Leeds vs. Leicester
  • Man Utd vs. Man City
  • Southampton vs. Aston Villa
  • West Ham vs. Liverpool

Saturday 20 November
  • Aston Villa vs. Brighton
  • Burnley vs. Crystal Palace
  • Leicester vs. Chelsea
  • Liverpool vs. Arsenal
  • Man City vs. Everton
  • Newcastle vs. Brentford
  • Norwich vs. Southampton
  • Tottenham vs. Leeds
  • Watford vs. Man Utd
  • Wolves vs. West Ham

Saturday 27 November
  • Arsenal vs. Newcastle
  • Brentford vs. Everton
  • Brighton vs. Leeds
  • Burnley vs. Tottenham
  • Chelsea vs. Man Utd
  • Crystal Palace vs. Aston Villa
  • Leicester vs. Watford
  • Liverpool vs. Southampton
  • Man City vs. West Ham
  • Norwich vs. Wolves

Tuesday 30 November
  • Aston Villa vs. Man City
  • Everton vs. Liverpool
  • Leeds vs. Crystal Palace
  • Watford vs. Chelsea
  • West Ham vs. Brighton
  • Wolves vs. Burnley
  • Man Utd vs. Arsenal

Wednesday 1 December
  • Newcastle vs. Norwich
  • Southampton vs. Leicester
  • Tottenham vs. Brentford

Saturday 4 December
  • Aston Villa vs. Leicester
  • Everton vs. Arsenal
  • Leeds vs. Brentford
  • Man Utd vs. Crystal Palace
  • Newcastle vs. Burnley
  • Southampton vs. Brighton
  • Tottenham vs. Norwich
  • Watford vs. Man City
  • West Ham vs. Chelsea
  • Wolves vs. Liverpool

Saturday 11 December
  • Arsenal vs. Southampton
  • Brentford vs. Watford
  • Brighton vs. Tottenham
  • Burnley vs. West Ham
  • Chelsea vs. Leeds
  • Crystal Palace vs. Everton
  • Leicester vs. Newcastle
  • Liverpool vs. Aston Villa
  • Man City vs. Wolves
  • Norwich vs. Man Utd

Tuesday 14 December
  • Arsenal vs. West Ham
  • Brentford vs. Man Utd
  • Brighton vs. Wolves
  • Burnley vs. Watford
  • Leicester vs. Tottenham
  • Norwich vs. Aston Villa
  • Crystal Palace vs. Southampton

Wednesday 15 December
  • Chelsea vs. Everton
  • Liverpool vs. Newcastle
  • Man City vs. Leeds

Saturday 18 December
  • Aston Villa vs. Burnley
  • Everton vs. Leicester
  • Leeds vs. Arsenal
  • Man Utd vs. Brighton
  • Newcastle vs. Man City
  • Southampton vs. Brentford
  • Tottenham vs. Liverpool
  • Watford vs. Crystal Palace
  • West Ham vs. Norwich
  • Wolves vs. Chelsea

Saturday 26 December
  • Aston Villa vs. Chelsea
  • Brighton vs. Brentford
  • Burnley vs. Everton
  • Liverpool vs. Leeds
  • Man City vs. Leicester
  • Newcastle vs. Man Utd
  • Norwich vs. Arsenal
  • Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace
  • West Ham vs. Southampton
  • Wolves vs. Watford

Tuesday 28 December
  • Arsenal vs. Wolves
  • Brentford vs. Man City
  • Chelsea vs. Brighton
  • Crystal Palace vs. Norwich
  • Everton vs. Newcastle
  • Leeds vs. Aston Villa
  • Leicester vs. Liverpool
  • Man Utd vs. Burnley
  • Southampton vs. Tottenham
  • Watford vs. West Ham

Saturday 1 January
  • Arsenal vs. Man City
  • Brentford vs. Aston Villa
  • Chelsea vs. Liverpool
  • Crystal Palace vs. West Ham
  • Everton vs. Brighton
  • Leeds vs. Burnley
  • Leicester vs. Norwich
  • Man Utd vs. Wolves
  • Southampton vs. Newcastle
  • Watford vs. Tottenham

Saturday 15 January
  • Aston Villa vs. Man United
  • Brighton vs. Crystal Palace
  • Burnley vs. Leicester
  • Liverpool vs. Brentford
  • Man City vs. Chelsea
  • Newcastle vs. Watford
  • Norwich vs. Everton
  • Tottenham vs. Arsenal
  • West Ham vs. Leeds
  • Wolves vs. Southampton

Saturday 22 January
  • Arsenal vs. Burnley
  • Brentford vs. Wolves
  • Chelsea vs. Tottenham
  • Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool
  • Everton vs. Aston Villa
  • Leeds vs. Newcastle
  • Leicester vs. Brighton
  • Man Utd vs. West Ham
  • Southampton vs. Man City
  • Watford vs. Norwich

Tuesday 8 February
  • Aston Villa vs. Leeds
  • Brighton vs. Chelsea
  • Burnley vs. Man Utd
  • Norwich vs. Crystal Palace
  • West Ham vs. Watford
  • Wolves vs. Arsenal

Wednesday 9 February
  • Newcastle vs. Everton
  • Tottenham vs. Southampton
  • Liverpool vs. Leicester
  • Man City vs. Brentford

Saturday 12 February
  • Brentford vs. Crystal Palace
  • Burnley vs. Liverpool
  • Chelsea vs. Arsenal
  • Everton vs. Leeds
  • Leicester vs. West Ham
  • Man Utd vs. Southampton
  • Newcastle vs. Aston Villa
  • Norwich vs. Man City
  • Tottenham vs. Wolves
  • Watford vs. Brighton

Saturday 19 February

  • Arsenal vs. Brentford
  • Aston Villa vs. Watford
  • Brighton vs. Burnley
  • Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea
  • Leeds vs. Manchester Utd
  • Liverpool vs. Norwich
  • Man City vs. Tottenham
  • Southampton vs. Everton
  • West Ham vs. Newcastle
  • Wolves vs. Leicester

Saturday 26 February
  • Arsenal vs. Liverpool
  • Brentford vs. Newcastle
  • Brighton vs. Aston Villa
  • Chelsea vs. Leicester
  • Crystal Palace vs. Burnley
  • Everton vs. Man City
  • Leeds vs. Tottenham
  • Man Utd vs. Watford
  • Southampton vs. Norwich
  • West Ham vs. Wolves

Saturday 5 March
  • Aston Villa vs. Southampton
  • Burnley vs. Chelsea
  • Leicester vs. Leeds
  • Liverpool vs. West Ham
  • Man City vs. Man Utd
  • Newcastle vs. Brighton
  • Norwich vs. Brentford
  • Tottenham vs. Everton
  • Watford vs. Arsenal
  • Wolves vs. Crystal Palace

Saturday 12 March
  • Arsenal vs. Leicester
  • Brentford vs. Burnley
  • Brighton vs. Liverpool
  • Chelsea vs. Newcastle
  • Crystal Palace vs. Man City
  • Everton vs. Wolves
  • Leeds vs. Norwich
  • Man Utd vs. Tottenham
  • Southampton vs. Watford
  • West Ham vs. Aston Villa

Saturday 19 March
  • Aston Villa vs. Arsenal
  • Burnley vs. Southampton
  • Leicester vs. Brentford
  • Man City vs. Brighton
  • Newcastle vs. Crystal Palace
  • Norwich vs. Chelsea
  • Tottenham vs. West Ham
  • Watford vs. Everton
  • Wolves vs. Leeds

Saturday 2 April
  • Brighton vs. Norwich
  • Burnley vs. Man City
  • Chelsea vs. Brentford
  • Crystal Palace vs. Arsenal
  • Leeds vs. Southampton
  • Liverpool vs. Watford
  • Man Utd vs. Leicester
  • Tottenham vs. Newcastle
  • West Ham vs. Everton
  • Wolves vs. Aston Villa

Saturday 9 April
  • Arsenal vs. Brighton
  • Aston Villa vs. Tottenham
  • Brentford vs. West Ham
  • Everton vs. Man Utd
  • Leicester vs. Crystal Palace
  • Man City vs. Liverpool
  • Newcastle vs. Wolves
  • Norwich vs. Burnley
  • Southampton vs. Chelsea
  • Watford vs. Leeds

Saturday 16 April
  • Aston Villa vs. Liverpool
  • Everton vs. Crystal Palace
  • Leeds vs. Chelsea
  • Man Utd vs. Norwich
  • Newcastle vs. Leicester
  • Southampton vs. Arsenal
  • Tottenham vs. Brighton
  • Watford vs. Brentford
  • West Ham vs. Burnley
  • Wolves vs. Man City

Saturday 23 April
  • Arsenal vs. Man Utd
  • Brentford vs. Tottenham
  • Brighton vs. Southampton
  • Burnley vs. Wolves
  • Chelsea vs. West Ham
  • Crystal Palace vs. Leeds
  • Leicester vs. Aston Villa
  • Liverpool vs. Everton
  • Man City vs. Watford
  • Norwich vs. Newcastle

Saturday 30 April
  • Aston Villa vs. Norwich
  • Everton vs. Chelsea
  • Leeds vs. Man City
  • Man Utd vs. Brentford
  • Newcastle vs. Liverpool
  • Southampton vs. Crystal Palace
  • Tottenham vs. Leicester
  • Watford vs. Burnley
  • West Ham vs. Arsenal
  • Wolves vs. Brighton

Arsenal vs. Leeds
  • Brentford vs. Southampton
  • Brighton vs. Man Utd
  • Burnley vs. Aston Villa
  • Chelsea vs. Wolves
  • Crystal Palace vs. Watford
  • Leicester vs. Everton
  • Liverpool vs. Tottenham
  • Man City vs. Newcastle
  • Norwich vs. West Ham

Sunday 15 May*
  • Aston Villa vs. Crystal Palace
  • Everton vs. Brentford
  • Leeds vs. Brighton
  • Man Utd vs. Chelsea
  • Newcastle vs. Arsenal
  • Southampton vs. Liverpool
  • Tottenham vs. Burnley
  • Watford vs. Leicester
  • West Ham vs. Man City
  • Wolves vs. Norwich

* to avoid a clash with the FA Cup Final on 14 May,
Sunday 22 May
  • Arsenal vs. Everton
  • Brentford vs. Leeds
  • Brighton vs. West Ham
  • Burnley vs. Newcastle
  • Chelsea vs. Watford
  • Crystal Palace vs. Man Utd
  • Leicester vs. Southampton
  • Liverpool vs. Wolves
  • Man City vs. Aston Villa
  • Norwich vs. Tottenham

Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League is one of the most talked about Fantasy Football Platforms, where football lovers from all across the world compile their best possible teams to come out on top. FPL managers are given a budget of £100.0m to spend on a squad of 15 players. This includes two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards. Only a maximum of three players can be selected from one Premier League Club. The FPL users have to select a squad before each game week deadline. Users have the option of competing in up to 20 private leagues, with no limit on the number of teams in a single league. Distinct features such as Wildcard, Triple Captain, Bench Boost and Free Hit is what makes Fantasy Football captivating.

La Liga Live

Barring the English Premier League, the Spanish League, or La Liga, is also quite avidly followed by fans across continents. Clubs such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelon are considered as two of the major giants in World Football. Apart from them, recently crowned champions Atletico Madrid have also been quite consistent over the years, while, Sevillia, Real Sociedad, Villarreal can also give any team a run for their money. With La Liga having a wide range of followers, plenty of fans keep a close eye in the events of the league.

La Liga Point Table

The previous season of the Spanish League was worth remembering. The fate of the title wasn’t decided until the very last match day as Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid were both in the conversation. In order for Real Madrid to win the league, they had to win against Villarreal, while, hoping for Atletico to lose Real Valladolid. Although Real Madrid did end up securing a win, their rivals Atletico Madrid also secured three points, while, claiming the title in the process. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are expected to bounce back in the season ahead, as Atletico looks to defend their trophy.

La Liga Top Scorers

FC Barcelona captain an talisman Lionel Messi was once again at the forefront with 30 in 2020/21 edition of La Liga. However, after falling short of seven points to Atletico Madrid, he will be aiming to go the distance the next time around. Meanwhile, Villarreal’s Gerard Moreno was in at second with 23 goals to his name. Veteran Centre Forward Karim Benzema also impressed as he struck 23 goals for his side. Luis Suarez who was signed by Atletico Madrid on a free from Barcelona, ended up bagging 21 valuable goals to win his side the title.

Player Goals
Lionel Messi 30
Gerard Moreno 23
Karim Benzema 23
Luis Suárez 21
Youssef En-Nesyri 18

Serie A Top Scorers

The Italian League or Serie A has also quite a few eite clubs featuring star players from across the world. The previous edition of Serie A was another feast for football lovers, as Portuguese talisman Cristiano Ronaldo led the charts with 29 goals. Romelu Lukaku played a pivotal role in winning Inter Milan’s first ever League Title in nearly half a decade, as he bagged 24 goals for his side. Luis Muriel also displayed his brilliance for Atalanta by bagging 22 goals in a single season.

Player Goals
Cristiano Ronaldo 29
Romelu Lukaku 24
Luis Muriel 22
Dusan Vlahovic 21
Ciro Immobile 20