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5 Cricketers who survived Cancer and their inspiring stories

Sports reflect upon the lives of its fans and followers. Fans live through all the highs and lows with their superstars. When superstars find themselves in the middle of life-threatening health conditions, they present the stories that inspire generations.

Yuvraj Singh

India’s World Cup hero Yuvraj Singh found himself stranded in the darkness when he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012. The former India cricketer had a tumor in lungs and luckily, it was in the primary stage. Yuvraj fought through India’s triumphant 2011 World Cup campaign with lung issues

The southpaw headed to the USA for the extensive treatment of chemotherapy and made a comeback in international cricket after getting cancer-free.

Michael Clarke

Australian superstar Michael Clarke was at peak of his career during 2006 when two dark patches appeared on his face, which was ‘Melanoma' or skin cancer.

Clarke took a break from cricket and went through radiation therapy. The former Aussie captain made a successful return to international cricket. On return, Clarke started sporting floppy hat while fielding to protect his skin from direct sunlight. He went on to captain Australia to their 5th World Cup triumph in 2015.

Matthew Wade

Australian wicketkeeper-batsman, Matthew Wade was 16 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Wade was hit on groin while he was playing football for his stateside. Luckily, he sensed something was not right. Doctor consulted him and explained him about the stage of cancer and chemotherapy.

The prospect of losing all the hair from body while undergoing treatment didn’t excite Wade but he had no other options. After two-year treatment, Wade took up cricket as professional career and is now a regular in Australia's test setup.

Geoffrey Boycott

A ‘father figure' in English cricket, Geoffrey Boycott was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2002. It was due to a lump in his neck at the age of 62. Boycott turned to ‘A Feng Shui' during his extensive radiation treatment, with the help of a master of Fengshui at his home during the recovery process.

Robin Jackman

South African great and a broadcaster of ages, Robin Jackman was diagnosed with cancer in his vocal cords. Jackman went through 7 weeks of radiotherapy in the United Kingdom to defeat this disease and make a return to cricket broadcasting in 2012.

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