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5 Richest Indian Cricketers and their net worth


Who is the richest cricketer in India? There is a lot of struggles if you want to be a cricketer at the very top level. But once you get the brass ring and be in the public eye, there is a lot that one can make out of the sport.

In this article we will discuss Richest Indian Cricketers and their net worth.

1. Sachin Tendulkar

It comes as no surprise that the GOD of cricket sits on the perch of the richest players. He comes from a really humble background and his history of having to live out of his house for his practice has often been documented. After a career which spanned two and a half decades, he has earned quite the fortune for himself and his family.

Sachin Tendulkar net worth is estimated to be around 1090 cr which includes his house, his entourage of cars and other assets which belong to him

8 years have passed since his retirement but he is still one of the biggest brands in sport and has a lot of endorsement deals to his name. He is definitely one of the biggest names in the tournament here. There is no stopping him. He has also often been a part of commentary and expert panels and who would not want his expert opinion.

His son is a cricketer too and was picked up by Mumbai Indians for Rs 20 Lakhs this time around

2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The former Indian Captain and the current Chennai Super Kings captain is perhaps the most iconic figure in Indian cricket. He is the only man who has won the T20 world cup, ICC Champions trophy and the ODI World Cup.

He has also won the IPL on multiple occasions. Beyond being the Captain Cool, he has also been a wonderful batsman for his country. He comes from a humble background too. He belongs to Ranchi form a middle class house but has worked his way up to the very top of the Indian Cricket. His struggles were documented in a biopic on him in 2016

MS Dhoni net worth is estimated at about 770 cr. This includes his farmhouse where he stays around Ranchi. He is known for his entourage of bikes which he is really fond off. He is also one of the biggest brands in the advertising department. He is still playing for his franchise so you can still expect him to stay for a while.

3. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli or King Kohli as he is fondly known as certainly knows how to live life King size. He has multiple homes in Gurugram and Mumbai and also owns a brand by the name of Wrogn. He is still at the peak of his career. Virat Kohli net worth is estimated to be 638 crores.

Virat is a consistent run getter for his international and domestic teams and also captains both the Indian team and also the Royal Challengers Bangalore team. He is known for being aggressive on the field and his aggression is what has got him to a point where he is perhaps the most important figure in Indian cricket.

He is currently the biggest advertising brand and even has an Instagram following of close to 138 million people. He is among the more popular players on Twitter as well. His brand is only growing to grow now.

4. Virender Sehwag

The swashbuckling opener has been known to live his life with the same flamboyance that he played cricket with. In his time, he was among the biggest brands in Cricket. He is known for his brilliant sense of humour and is a popular expert on the Cricket panels. He has a funny bone that would show when he would sing songs while smashing bowlers too.

He is the only Cricketer who has scored 2 triple hundreds in test cricket and has also scored a double hundred in ODI cricket. In terms of laurels, he has won the T20 world cup and the ODI world cup with the Indian Cricket team. He was an accomplished test and ODI player and also did a lot of good work with his IPL teams.

His net worth is estimated to be close to 270 crores. Coming from a humble background in Nazafgarh. He is still one of the most followed cricketers. He is usually engaged in the banters with different other cricketers and journalists. He usually knows how to have the last laugh with his wits which have now become his trademark.

5. Yuvraj Singh

The Prince has done a lot and also been through a lot in his life. He has won two world cups for his country and also fought a battle with cancer. He always came back and was stronger than ever. He is definitely one of the more inspirational figures in the tournament.

Yuvraj Singh Net Worth is expected to be around 240 crores.  This includes his house in Worli, Mumbai where he stays with his wife Hazel Keech. He usually engages himself in the charitable organizations where one of his organizations is YouWeCan. He helps many people come out of cancer.



Yuvraj in his prime was a heartthrob and a brand ambassador for many different organizations. His exploits in the World cups which also include his 6 sixes in the T20 world cup and his man of the tournament display in the 50 over world cup in 2011. There is no Indian fan who can get those images out of their head and his contribution to the world cup wins will always be remembered as being stuff of cult classics.

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