5 Sex scandals that rocked the game of cricket

Updated on: Aug 10, 2021 11:15 pm IST

  • Sex Scandals of cricketers

    Cricketers have often been cult figures in the world and have also been expected to be ambassadors of the game in the long run as they might be looked up to as icons by many young and up and coming cricketers and youngsters in general. However, some of the cricketers have not quite been the ideal ambassadors for the game. A few sex scandals of cricketers have rocked the game and brought shame to cricket which has often been called the gentleman’s game.

    1. Shane Warne

    Shane Warne is one of the most successful cricketers in the world and is an icon in his country Australia and all over the world for his leg spin and his fighting spirit. He has however not been the greatest of icons off the field. The man who has been in the news for a lot of controversial issues admitted to being involved in a sex scandal when he wrote his book called No Spin. He was once caught with a stripper from Melbourne and it was one that created some controversy. However the biggest controversy ever for him came when before a game in the county championship in 2006 with the spinner had been alleged with having carnal relationships with two models. This is where a lot of controversy. There were speculations of him involving his then lover in the encounter and there has been a lot that has been said about the controversy since then. He has since then been notorious in his relationships too and has been known to have multiple relationships and splits. He has also been accused of cheating and other immortal conduct.

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