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Agarkar wants Kohli to control himself when it comes to reviews

By Chaitanya Laxman

Virat Kohli the batsman may have close to zero chinks in his armor but Kohli, the captain is still plagued with several flaws that have proved fatal. From his frequent changes in the playing XI to his policy of using the DRS, Kohli’s tactics have always been questioned. And this time former Indian cricketer Ajit Agarkar has raised doubts over Kohli’s habit of taking reviews and has advised the Indian captain to be ‘smarter’ with reviews and control himself a bit.

Agarkar was talking to an online cricket media portal about the final Test match between England and India which is being played at the Oval. Agarkar said that everyone can see how involved Kohli is in the game and sometimes he can’t help himself. He pointed out that every time there is a big appeal Kohli wants to take a review.

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Talking about the DRS technology, the former Indian bowler said that unfortunately accordingly to the new rules if it is not an umpire’s call then you actually lose the review and it doesn’t get reversed after 80 overs.

Agarkar advised the Indian captain to become a bit smarter and said that the bowler and the keeper need to help the captain but he also needs to control himself a little bit. The Indian cricketer also warned that this can also cost the team the game.

To make his point clear, Agarkar cited the example of Root’s wicket. He said that the umpire gave Root lbw out very late but it was a good decision. If he hadn’t given Root out then India would have struggled as India had already perished both their reviews.

The right-arm pace bowler said that there were a couple ordinary reviews in England’s first innings and every time you see Kohli,  he wants to review it straight away.

Agarkar stated that during reviews it is the combination of the bowler and the wicket-keeper or a catcher who is close to the stumps.

Chaitanya Laxman

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