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Australia star Glenn Maxwell engaged to his long-time Girfriend

Australia all-rounder Glenn Maxwell on Saturday got engaged to long-time girlfriend Vini Raman Indian style. Although the couple officially announced their engagement last month, the ceremonies officially kicked off with the Indian engagement.

Vini Raman also reminded  her soon-to-be husband that this was only a teaser of what the wedding would be like, hinting at a possible Indian style wedding later this year.

Glenn Maxwell engaged to Vini Raman

Vini Raman, if we were to go by her Instagram, is a pharmacist based out of Melbourne. It was, in fact, she who helped the Victorian All-Rounder out when he was facing mental health issues.

“I think I was pretty cooked. I decided to take some time off and a big reason as to why I took that time away was because I was mentally and physically ruined from I think it was eight months on the road and living out of a suitcase,” Glenn Maxwell had said.

“It was actually my partner who suggested I speak to someone, she was the first person who noticed it. Once I had that initial conversation it was a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Wedding bells audible

The pharmacist from Melbourne took to social media to announce her engagement:

“Last night we celebrated our Indian engagement and I gave @gmaxi_32 a little teaser of what the wedding will be like
Shout out to both of our incredible families & all our friends who came to celebrate with us on such short notice – we are so grateful to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people ❤️ Can’t wait to get our hands on more photos from @shevan_j_photography” She said.

The pair have been together since 2017, if the media is to be trusted. They were last seen together as a couple on the night of the Annual Australian Cricket Awards 2019.

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