Cricket Betting Tips: Do Match Predictions Help?

Updated on: Aug 17, 2022 11:44 am IST

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    Cricket is one of the most popular sports worldwideand this also equates to being a popular sport that punters also enjoy betting on. In India, 80 to 90% of sports bets are placed for cricket events by millions of fans online.

    While betting is generally a fun and thrilling addition to an already exciting sport, some take this seriously because to them, it’s a great way to earn money. There are professional cricket punters who see this activity as their bread and butter.

    These are people who don’t just place bets for fun and so, reading predictions for today’s match is something they deem crucial. But how do these match predictions help? How do prediction sites come up with these in the first place? We have the answers for you, so keep on reading.

    How Accurate are Cricket Match Predictions?

    The accuracy of such predictions depends on where you’re looking for them. There are sites like TheTopBookies with experts with a high hit rate. In this site’s case, they have a 90% hit rate, so you can be sure that they are being meticulous with the predictions they release.

    Sites like TheTopBookies have cricket experts that help them produce accurate predictions, but it’s not just about getting an expert to conclude that certain forecasts are indeed accurate.

    There are a few factors to be considered before a forecast is released and this includes current team standings, scores, injuries, how teams have been recently performing, and other nuanced factors too like the match venue, weather, and personal issues.

    Current team standings and injuries are obvious factors to consider, but the more nuanced ones like weather also matter because it can affect how certain players will perform during the match.

    Australian cricketer Scott Allen spoke about this once in an interview. Allen said the weather can impact how a pitch is prepared. “We try and get as much moisture as we can out of the ground, and that’s what gives a cricket wicket its bounce,” he said.

    “Funnily enough we sprinkle water on it to get the water out of the wicket, which is an unknown fact but that’s how we do it.”

    He also said, “Hot, dry conditions favor the batters, humidity and wind assist the bowlers… “If it does rain the outfield gets wet, the ball gets wet, [and] bowlers can’t hold onto it and the ball stops swinging. So as a batter it is good after it rains, but just before it, it causes a few issues.”

    For cricket prediction sites that rely on Astrology (yes, they exist!), sports astrologers also don’t just rely on their Astrology guides. They also know about cricket and consider the factors that were mentioned above.

    However, since we mentioned Sports Astrology, know that there’s probably a long debate on how accurate this can be. That said, read such predictions with caution. At the end of the day, even if experts have certain forecasts for one match, it’s still up to you to decide whether it’s a logical hypothesis to apply to your betting strategy.

    Can You Make Your Own Cricket Predictions?

    Speaking of how it always boils down to how you’d like to use cricket predictions, many are also probably wondering if they can have their forecasts. Well, yes. Surely, you can also easily publish your cricket predictions on different platforms.

    However, it’s best to only do this if you know you have what it takes. This means that you know the sport so well and you’ve been following the recent matches. Not only should you be educated in the leagues and tournaments, but also on the latest updates outside the field.

    That said, you shouldn’t be just watching the actual matches. You should also be researching the latest happenings concerning cricket teams. Are there any issues lingering that could affect a player’s performance? If this player will perform poorly, how will this affect the whole team?

    For example, if you intend to place bets on the next Indian Premier League, don’t just wait for the tournament to start. As early as now, read the latest news on what the BCCI, the franchises, and the cricketers themselves are up to.

    Know when important IPL-related events are coming up like the IPL Mega Auction. This is when you can have a glimpse of how a team is likely to perform based on the players they acquire.

    Understanding a team’s dynamics is also very crucial. Sounds a bit complex, right? Well, that’s why there are sites that you can just check for predictions instead. If you’re not convinced, then simply move on to the next betting site.


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