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Alex Hales rubbishes rumors of him being COVID-19 positive

England opening batsman, Alex Hales recently flew back home prior to the semi-finals of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) after showing symptoms of COVID-19. As a result of the that, the second semi-final of the campaign was moved a day back until the league was eventual suspended with a decision that was made earlier this morning.

However, as per sources on social media, some even claimed that Alex Hales was proved to be COVID-19 positive and didn't just have the symptoms. But the star batsman was quick to rubbish the claims of him being tested as a positive case. The 31-year-old took to Twitter to discredit the rumour and also posted a statement about his recovery.

Hales' rests the rumours

The Statement

Ramiz Raja and Wasim Khan's contradiction

With that being said that, the Pakistan Cricket Board chief executive Wasim Khan wanted to be discrete about the identity of the player. But, former Pakistani batsman turned commentator Ramiz Raja did manage to confirm that it was Hales who was indeed unwell.

Raja also expressed that his fellow co-commentators will also be tested in the next couple of hours.

“It is an unfortunate scenario. A good and right decision has been made in the end. The news is coming, you people will know more. Alex Hales has developed some symptoms and the tests are underway. We, the broadcasters and the commentators are also undergoing tests in the next two hours.”

On the contrary to Ramiz Raja's statement, this is what the CEO of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had to say while addressing Hales as a “player.”

“A player is potentially suspected now. We can’t reveal the identity of the player. It is private and we won’t take his name,” he said.

When asked about Ramiz Raja’s confession, this is what Wasim had to say, “Well, we would like to keep the player’s name private, and we can only tell that he is an overseas player. And he is not in Pakistan at the moment. He has developed the symptoms in the last 24 hours.”

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