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Hardik Pandya or Ben Stokes? Brad Hogg names better all-rounder

There are 3 departments in cricket namely batting, bowling and fielding. A player who can do all the aforementioned things is the one that each and every captain would want to have in their team.

All-rounders are always a gold dust to any team. The amount of value an all-rounder brings to the table is second to none. A genuine all-rounder can make up for a specialist bowler and a batter thereby freeing up a place in the playing XI. Fast bowling all-rounders in particular always have a special value addition when compared to spin bowling all-rounders and that is the very reason why there is very few fast bowling all-rounders in the world.

Brad Hogg want Ben Stokes rather than Hardik Pandya

The former Australian veteran chinaman in Brad Hogg in his recent question and answer session with fans in the twitter has revealed that he would prefer Ben Stokes over Hardik Pandya if he had to pick one among them at the moment.

Here’s what Brad Hogg had to say when asked about who is the best all-rounder

I have to go with the Englishman on this one. Hardik has huge potential, but hasn't played enough international cricket to challenge Stokes as the all rounder of my world XI.

Brad Hogg chooses between Jasprit Bumrah and Kagiso Rabada

The unorthodox bowler also had to choose between the #1 limited overs bowler Jasprit Bumrah and the raging young superstar Kagiso Rabada and Jasprit Bumrah got the better of Kagiso Rabada as the chinaman picked Jasprit Bumrah in his team but Kagiso Rabada missed out only by a whisker.

Both these bowlers are the spearhead for their respective countries but the sad part is the oppositions dealt with these bowlers rather easily in their last series against England and New Zealand respectively.

They are champion bowlers nevertheless and will be waiting to take the field next time and show the world what they are made of.

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