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| On May 20, 2021 1:13 PM IST

How Mayanti Langer’s tweet on Rohit Sharma started #BoycottSwiggy trend?


Social media is an unpredictable world. Anything can happen here and it takes no time for a trend to go viral. Famous food delivery app Swiggy learned it the hard way as Twitter witnessed the #BoycottSwiggy trend as several netizens uninstalled the app from their phones. And guess who was responsible for starting this trend? It was Mayanti Langer who unintentionally started the #BoycottSwiggy trend.

Mayanti’s cheeky reference of Vada Pav for Rohit Sharma

Mayanti Langar, one of the famous sports presenters made a cheeky reference to Vada Pav while tweeting about Mumbai Indians and Rohit Sharma

The MI captain is known for his fitness woes. While the rest of Team India is getting leaner and fitter, R Sharma isn’t the fittest cricketer in the team. He even had to miss some part of last year’s IPL due to his fitness issues.

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Due to Sharma’s fitness issues, certain fans on the internet refer to him as Vada Pav, the famous unhealthy snack of Mumbai.

During the MI vs KKR match, Mayanti Langer made a tweet that had a reference of Vada Pav. She said in the Tweet,  “If Mumbai scores more than 200, I want Vada Pavs. Because one must honour the hitman.”


Fans tweet about Rohit and Vada Pav after Mayanti’s tweet

Mayanti’s tweet triggered plenty of response about Rohit and Vada Pav.


A fan went further and posted a meme about R Sharma in his tweet.


Food delivery app joined these conversations and retweeted the image by saying: Haters will say its photoshopped.

Swiggy’s response didn’t go well with Rohit’s fans and a severe backlash followed. Fans were so angry that it soon gave rise to the #BoycottSwiggy trend.

So in a way, Mayanti Langar was responsible for kickstarting the  #BoycottSwiggy on internet.

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