| On Jul 2, 2019 12:55 PM IST

ICC World Cup 2019: Waqar Younis questions Team India’s sportsmanship, gets trolled


Pakistan legend Waqar Younis believes the match between India and England was not played in the right spirit, and Waqar feels India lost the match by choice to wreck Pakistan’s chances to make top-4 in the tournament.

In India vs England, India Team could only score in the first and last 10 overs, they didn’t play as per expectations as they have been playing really well in the tournament. In the first 10 overs, they only scored 28 runs while in the last 10 overs India had to get 104 runs to win, but could only target for 72 runs, MS Dhoni wasn’t even trying for big hits until the last over which disturbed not only the Pakistan fans but Younis as well.

Waqar Younis tweeted.

“It’s not who you are.. What you do in life defines who you are.. Me not bothered if Pakistan gets to the semis or not but one thing is for sure.. Sportsmanship of few Champions got tested and they failed badly,”

Earlier, former Pakistan cricketer Basit Ali and Sikander Bakht had suspected that India lost the match against England on purpose to drive out Pakistan from the tournament

And reactions followed


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