August 16, 2018
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India deserve the thrashing they are getting: Boycott

By Abhishek Shankar

Former England opener Geoffrey Boycott hugely disapproved of the Indian Test team playing in England. He stated the visitors’ batting performance as “inexperienced, neglectful and bordering on foolishness.”

“The Indian players have embarrassed themselves and their supporters. The batting has been very immature and without much practice. The batsmen were so stupid while batting. Wafting drives at tempting out swingers is careless”, Boycott wrote in his column for the ‘Daily Telegraph’.

Boycott, who once named former India captain Sourav Ganguly’s as the ‘Prince of Calcutta’ was of the opinion that Indian batsmen lacked good shot selection while trying to flick out swingers, referring to Murali Vijay’s dismissals. “Trying to play throughout swingers and that too through mid-wicket, and then being shocked when you get bowled is brainless. Playing the ball on the up in front of your pad is never advised,” wrote Boycott.

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Boycott was of the stern opinion that Indian batsmen have not done their homework properly. “These are very basic things which you do not do against any decent swing bowler in English conditions. And trying to do this against James Anderson, who is one of the greatest craftsmen in these conditions, speaks highly that the Indian batsmen have not done their homework.”

“They have not analysed, made strategic or practised in the nets and come up with a solid plan as to how they are going to bat differently in England.”

Boycott, who has scored more than 8000 runs in Test cricket, further said, “India have come to England thinking they can play the same way they play in other parts of the world and everything will be O.K. If you don’t plan and work hard at your game, you will face problems. So, India deserve the thrashing they are getting.”

Abhishek Shankar

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