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Inzamam reveal names of three batsmen who changed cricket

The former Pakistan batsman, Inzamam ul Haq has revealed the names of three batsmen who changed cricket. On his official YouTube channel, he named players who gave a new style to batsmanship.

Viv Richards, the first game-changer

The first batsman who changed cricket according to Inzi was Sir Vivian Richards.

“Years ago, it was Viv Richards, who changed the game. At that time batsmen used to play fast bowlers on the backfoot but he showed everyone how to play them off the front foot. He taught everyone that fast bowlers can be attacked. He was an ever-great player,” said Inzi.

One player from his generation

In Inzamam's list, the second one was the former Sri Lankan batsman Sanath Jayasuriya.

“The second change was brought in by Sanath Jayasuriya. He decided to attack the fast bowlers in the first 15 overs. Before his arrival, the ones who used hit the ball in the air were not considered as proper batsmen but he changed the perception by hitting the fast bowlers over the infield in the first 15 overs,” said Inzamam.

One active cricketer

AB de Villiers is the third player in Inzamam's list.

“The third player who changed cricket was AB de Villiers. He changed cricket for the third time. I would credit the fast-paced cricket that you see in ODIs and T20s today to de Villiers. Previously batsmen used to hit the straight bat. De Villiers came in, started to hit the paddle sweeps, reverse sweeps,” former Pakistan skipper added.