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IPL Start Date: When are teams moving to UAE for Phase 2?


IPL Starting Date and Franchise Owners Departure: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is doing its best to resume IPL in UAE from mid September, with the final likely to be contested by early October. The recent development now is in regards with the eight IPL franchises, and the date on which they’re expected to be in the UAE.

It is being said, the franchises and their owners could be in UAE by the third week of August. That being said, the BCCI are yet to put in an official confirmation about it later this week, keeping in mind the COVID 19 Protocols.

IPL Franchises to move to the UAE in August

As per reports, one of the franchise representatives stated that the teams are preparing with logistics. Nevertheless, their planning has to be within the quarantine rules that will be decided between the BCCI, Emirates Cricket Board and the UAE government.

“As of now, we only have the communication that the remaining part of the IPL will be held in the UAE after Saturday’s Special General Meeting. We are also aware that the BCCI office-bearers are in talks with the ECB on the plan of action and are currently in Dubai. So, once we have clarity on the protocols that will be in place, especially with regards to teams quarantining after reaching UAE, we can block the hotel rooms accordingly,” one of the franchise official’s said.

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BCCI confident of foreign players availability for IPL 2021 Second Leg

One of the major worries for the BCCI has been on the availability of foreign players for IPL Phase 2. The England Cricket Board, West Indies Cricket and New Zealand Cricket have commitments of their own during the months of September and October. However, the BCCI, as well as the IPL franchises believe that a decision with everyone’s best interest will surely be taken soon enough.

“We are confident that the BCCI will find the best possible solution and honestly it is a matter of the BCCI officials speaking to the respective board officials, so we should wait to hear from the board on this,” an official was quoted saying.

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