Is Pakistan out of 2023 World Cup or can still qualify for Semi-final?

Updated on: Oct 26, 2023 1:10 pm IST

pakistan 2023 World Cup

As the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 enters its second half, the path to the semi-finals for Pakistan appears uncertain following their recent setback against Afghanistan. The 1992 champions had a promising start in the tournament, but their future now hinges on the results of other teams.

Under the captaincy of Babar Azam, Pakistan began their World Cup 2023 campaign with two consecutive victories. They secured a win in their opening match against the Netherlands in Hyderabad and later achieved a World Cup-record run chase against Sri Lanka at the same venue. However, their fortunes took a turn for the worse after their encounter with hosts India, who comfortably defeated Pakistan by seven wickets in Ahmedabad.

This defeat was followed by losses to Australia and lower-ranked Afghanistan, causing Pakistan’s net run rate to plummet to -0.400. Despite these setbacks, Pakistan still occupies the fourth spot with six points from five matches, leaving them with four more games in the group stage.

can Pakistan still qualify for 2023 World Cup Semi-final?

Upcoming matches for Pakistan include clashes with South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and England. India, New Zealand, and South Africa have shown exceptional form, positioning them well for the semi-finals, while Australia currently holds the fourth spot, but it remains up for grabs.

Here are the different scenarios that could determine Pakistan’s qualification for the semi-finals:

  1. Pakistan wins all four remaining matches (6 wins, 12 points): Pakistan’s best chance of securing a semi-final berth is by winning all remaining games. This would take their points tally to 12. However, they would also need Australia to lose at least one or two of their remaining matches to secure a spot in the top four.
  2. Pakistan wins three out of four matches (5 wins, 10 points): If Pakistan loses one of their upcoming matches, their path becomes more complex. In this scenario, Pakistan would hope for Australia to lose at least two of their remaining games. If this happens, the teams’ fate would be determined by net run rate. If Australia loses three of their last four matches, Pakistan could potentially secure the fourth or even third position.
  3. Pakistan wins two out of four matches (4 wins, 8 points): If Pakistan manages just two victories from their remaining matches, their chances of advancing to the semi-finals may diminish. However, the current complexity of the points table leaves room for a team with four wins to potentially qualify, depending on various other results.
  4. Pakistan wins one out of four matches (3 wins, 6 points): If Pakistan only wins one more match, their World Cup journey would likely come to an end.
  5. Pakistan loses all four matches (2 wins, 4 points): In the unfortunate event that Pakistan loses all their remaining matches, they would be eliminated from the tournament.

Pakistan’s quest for a spot in the semi-finals of the 2023 World Cup is filled with uncertainty. While they face an uphill battle, there are still scenarios where they could secure a place in the top four. The outcome will depend on their performances, as well as the results of other teams in this highly competitive tournament. Cricket enthusiasts will be closely following Pakistan’s journey to see if they can defy the odds and make it to the semi-finals.

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