Ishan Kishan tattoo: Check out all tattoos and their meanings

Updated on: Nov 16, 2023 2:52 pm IST

Ishan Kishan tattoo

Indian wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan who took the world by storm after scoring his maiden double ton in an ODI against Bangladesh in Dec 2022, is also fond of tattoos. He has numerous tattoos which are both unique and creative. Let’s take a look at Ishan Kishan tattoo and their meaning.

1. Tattoo on chest reading ‘Trust Your Struggle’

Ishan kishan Tattoo on chest reading 'Trust Your Struggle'

Ishan Kishan has got himself inked on the chest right below his neck. The tattoo is a quote that reads, ‘Trust Your Struggle.’ It is a motivation quote which surely helps Ishan to get pumped up.

2. Roman God portrait on the left forearm

Ishan Kishan tattoo Roman God portrait on the left forearm

Ishan Kishan has also an ink on his left forearm of a Roman God. It is inspired by the Roman culture, and he got this one in 2019 by the tattoo artist Sunny Bhanushali. Sunny is Ishan’s favorite tattoo artist, and he has always been in awe of his fine work. After getting inked with this tattoo in 2019, Ishan said,

“I am absolutely in love with the tattoo artist Sunny Bhanushali’s fine work. He has amazed me with his creativity. He not only works for others and helps many budding artists in growing which is the best part. We completed the tattoo in a day. It’s wonderful to connect with Sunny.”

3. Sai Baba tattoo on his right forearm

Ishan kishan tattoo Sai Baba tattoo on his right forearm

Ishan Kishan has got his next tattoo on the right forearm which is a portrait of the Hindu god Sai Baba. Ishan has always believed in the power of Shirdi’s Sai Baba, and this was one of his first tattoos which he got inked in 2015 along with some roses right behind Sai Baba’s portrait.

4. ‘Believe’ Tattoo on his right bicep

Ishan kishan Believe Tattoo on his right bicep

The final tattoo Ishan has got is on his right bicep, reading ‘Believe.’ This is the second quoted tattoo on his body apart from the one underneath his neck reading ‘Trust your struggle.’

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