“It’s Unbearable”, AB de Villiers On The Pressure Of International Cricket

Updated on: Aug 16, 2018 6:07 pm IST

AB de Villiers

South African great, AB de Villiers is enjoying his life after taking surprise premature retirement from the International cricket. He said he feels no regret neither he is missing the game, he is happy to be in this phase of life. ABD has a huge fan following in India, and after he announced his retirement in May, some of them won’t even accept it. The Twitter was flooded with the messages, and budding cricketers who were inspired by him got shocked as they heard about ABD announced his retirement from the International Cricket. Although, De Villiers, later on, said he would play for the IPL side RCB in the next edition and his home league Global T20.

AB de Villiers
Image Credit: Twitter

AB de Villiers answered about the pressure of the international Cricket by calling it “unbearable at times”. He said, in International Cricket you have to perform day in day out, and sometimes it becomes unbearable. AB said, it is good to hear from the people and score big runs, fans chanting your name in the stadium, but I am not missing it. Not Yet. I am happy with my decision and the step that I have taken to stay away from the international cricket.

Mr 360 degree explained the feeling of the players who say they don’t feel the pressure of the international cricket. They don’t miss their family. They are lying. AB said he has been shy who doesn’t enjoy attention much. He loves to keep himself out of the spotlight. He recalled the days of his captaincy and said things changed a bit, but he always enjoyed his time away from cricket.

While signing off, AB de Villers said, I am still going to play for a few years, I’ll still play a little bit but on my terms.”

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