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It’s unfortunate that people jump to conclusions quickly: Virat Kohli

By Abhishek Shankar


India captain Virat Kohli was found defending veteran MS Dhoni after what he described as “a bad day for everyone”.

India were left to pretty slow innings from Dhoni, who made 37 runs and was blamed by Lord’s crowd as England claimed an 86-run victory to come at par with India at the three-match ODI series.

Former skipper Dhoni, renowned for his finishing ability, came out at No 6 at the end of the 27th over with India 140-4 in search of 323. He made 37 in 59 balls, with only two fours, and got out in the 47th over.


“We started batting pretty well but lost three wickets in three overs, it really hurt us,” Kohli said. “When you’re chasing 320-plus you need to have wickets in hand.

Regarding Dhoni’s go-slow, he said: “This comes up quite frequently and people jump to conclusions. When he does well people call him the best finisher ever, when he doesn’t they blame him.”

“We all have a share of bad days and today was a bad day for everyone, not for him alone.”


Kohli even stressed that Dhoni was not at fault for his approach. He added, “The idea was to take the innings deep. He has the experience but sometimes it doesn’t come off. We still totally believe in him and the ability of all the players.”

On a day when he crossed the 10,000-run milestone in ODI cricket, Dhoni, the same day was widely criticised by the Indian fans for not giving his best in his 58-ball 37 as India could only reach up to 236 runs in 50 overs.

The World Cup will start in less than a year. Dhoni is looked after with high regard by the Indian Team Management for his vast experience and his ability to guide the squad to victory.

However, his diminishing abilities to carry the team alone in pressure situations at times has come under the scanner.

In fact, it was a rare occasion when Dhoni was criticised by the Indian fans after he blocked a few balls.

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