WATCH Jasprit Bumrah’s PERFECT 148.5 kmph YORKER to dismiss KL Rahul

Updated on: Oct 19, 2020 2:23 pm IST

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    One of the greatest ever cricket matches occurred on 18th of October in the year 2020 where each and every thing has been wayward to date. Indian Premier League has delivered what was expected of it and the fans all over the world are overjoyed and are fortunate enough to witness such a quality cricket tournament in their lifetime.

    IPL has entered into a territory where there will be nothing but intense game which will raise the blood pressure of fans. The game between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab was one such match which can be even termed as the match for ages. The game had several moments which is worth a mention but Jasprit Bumrah’s yorker to dismiss KL Rahul is something that was unbelievable to say the least.

    Jasprit Bumrah’s unplayable delivery to KL Rahul

    KL Rahul was all set to take his team home in what would have been a miraculous run chase until Jasprit Bumrah happened. Kings XI Punjab needed 27 runs in their last 3 overs and that is when Rohit Sharma decided to unravel Jasprit Bumrah who had already bowled 3 overs by then for 19 runs and 2 wickets. All KL Rahul needed was to see off Jasprit Bumrah to take advantage of the last 2 overs but Japrit Bumrah broke the defenses of KL Rahul with a perfect yorker that left KL Rahul clueless.

    The best game in IPL history?

    After the finals of the 2019 world cup, ICC scratched the rule to decide the winner based on boundary count if super over is tied and introduced the rule to decide a winner until a team wins a super over even if that takes multiple super overs.

    Mayank agarwal
    Photo: BCCI

    It needed 2 super overs to decide a winner in yesterday’s game and finally, Kings XI Punjab emerged victorious after 44 overs of intense and high octane action that saw some breathtaking events on the field.

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