Litton Das Last 10 ODI innings against India

Updated on: Sep 15, 2023 12:25 pm IST

Litton Das Last 10 ODI innings against India

Litton Das, the talented Bangladeshi cricketer, has had his fair share of encounters with the Indian cricket team in the One-Day International (ODI) format. Check Litton Das Last 10 ODI innings against India.

Litton Das Last 10 ODI innings against India

Runs (Balls) Ground Date
29 (26) Chattogram 10 Dec 2022
7 (23) Mirpur 7 Dec 2022
41 (63) Mirpur 4 Dec 2022
22 (24) Birmingham 2 Jul 2019
121 (117) Dubai (DSC) 28 Sep 2018
7 (16) Dubai (DSC) 21 Sep 2018
34 (50) Mirpur 24 Jun 2015
36 (41) Mirpur 21 Jun 2015
8 (13) Mirpur 18 Jun 2015

In 9 ODIs against India, Das has showcased his skills by scoring a total of 305 runs at an impressive average of 33.88. His performances against the Indian team have caught the attention of fans and experts alike, and he even boasts a century in his record against India.

However, as the Asia Cup 2023 unfolds, Litton Das has faced some challenges with his form at the crease. In the matches played so far in the tournament, Das has struggled to make a significant impact with the bat. In the match against Sri Lanka, he managed to score 15 runs, and in the encounter with Pakistan, he contributed 16 runs to the team’s total.

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While these numbers may not be up to the high standards that Litton Das has set for himself, it’s essential to recognize that cricket is a dynamic sport where form can fluctuate. Every player goes through phases where they encounter challenging conditions or face tough opposition, and Das is no exception.

Despite his recent struggles, Litton Das remains a key figure in the Bangladeshi cricket setup, known for his aggressive batting style and ability to anchor the innings. His performances against India in the past have demonstrated his potential to make an impact on the international stage.

As the Asia Cup 2023 continues, Das and the Bangladesh team will look to regroup, make necessary adjustments, and come back stronger in the upcoming matches.

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