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| On Jun 22, 2021 11:04 AM IST

Match fee paid to cricketers around the world. COMPLETE LIST


Match Fee in Cricket: Many cricket fans would be curious about knowing the earnings of their star players from International commitments. Unlike IPL, where free markets are in place and you would know the exact amounts in Auction, International Cricket fees structures are something that depends upon individual annual contracts with their respective cricket boards.

Highest Paid Cricketers

We will take a look at how much players from some of the major cricket playing nations earn from match fees for Internationals.

England Match Fee

Even if BCCI is the richest entity in the cricket world right now, you would be surprised by the fact that English cricketers are the highest paid players in terms of match fees in the world. They are paid 18.5 Lakh INR for every test match while 10 Lakh and 5.1 Lakh INR for every ODI and T20I match they play for England. This is in addition to bonuses they get for match-winning performances. So, the likes of Joe Root and Jos Buttler earn more than Indian cricketers in terms of match fees.

Australia Match Fee

Cricket Australia is another wealthier board and is comfortably part of the ‘Big 3’ in world cricket. When it comes to giving players their due, they are not far behind ECB as well. Australian players are paid INR 11 Lakh for every test match they play while 8.5 Lakh and 5.6 Lakh per ODI and T20I. Their match fees in T20I are the highest in the world currently.

India Match Fee

BCCI being the richest board in the world, it is not surprising that Indian players are being paid handsomely for International cricket. They get INR 15 Lakh for every test match which is second highest in the world after ECB. For ODIs, Indian superstars get 6 Lakh while 3 Lakh for every T20I they play for India. They also get performance bonus for notable contributions in the matches.

Pakistan Match Fee

After these settled boards, let’s talk about boards that pay their players much lower than expected. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) fees are lower than the expectations to say the least. 3.6 Lakh, 2.2 Lakh and 1.6 Lakh per Test, ODI and T20I are nowhere near the fees that players from ‘Big 3’ countries get in Cricket.

Bangladesh Match Fee

Much like Pakistan, BCB fees are not too high as well. With limited avenues to explore, Bangladesh Cricket would need many other income sources to improve their stocks. They pay INR 2.6 Lakh for every test match while 1.7 Lakh and 1 Lakh for every ODI and T20I that Bangladesh players play.

South Africa Match Fee

Cricket South Africa have probably most surprising fees structure among all nations. Their players get INR 3.3 Lakh for every test match but mere INR 87,000 and INR 58,000 for every ODI and T20I they play for their country. This undervalued structure is due to more than one reason that is already prevailing in South African Cricket at the moment.

Sri Lanka Match Fee

Compared to their other lower league counterparts, Sri Lankan cricketers are paid slightly higher in all the formats. They get INR 5.5 Lakh for every test match, 4 Lakh for every ODI and 2.5 Lakh for every T20I for Sri Lanka. Apart from these fees, they get performance bonus and double fees for every test match win they register.

New Zealand Match Fee

There are many good things to look in New Zealand Cricket currently. When it comes to fees structure, it is improving with each passing year just like their on-field displays. INR 4.5 Lakh for every test match, 2 Lakh for every ODI and 1.3 Lakh for every T20I are decent numbers considering the fact that most Kiwis consider Cricket as their second sport after Rugby.


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