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Mr. Cool MS Dhoni: When I go out to bat, I feel pressure

Cricket is a game that generates huge revenue although it is not a global sport. With glitz and glamour, a dangerous by product in the name of pressure travels along to terrorize the cricketers. The word pressure is the most underrated term in any sport, let alone cricket. It cannot be measured by any technology. No parameters can reveal the quiver of the players in front of huge crowds and billions in front of the television sets .

Even the best of the game can succumb to the pressure and there is nothing one can do about it. The pressure getting into the batsmen or a bowler can make them vulnerable which can even cause mental instability.

My heart rate is elevated when I go to bat- MS Dhoni

The man who changed the face of Indian cricket in the last 15 years is regarded as one of the coolest captain in the game of cricket. He rarely panics in pressure situations which makes him one of the greatest captain in the history of Indian cricket.

In a latest event, the former Indian captain in MS Dhoni revealed what pressure can do to a cricketer and how it should be handled.

In India, I feel there is still a big issue of accepting that there is some weakness when it comes to the mental aspects, but we generally term it as mental illness. Nobody really says that, when I go to bat, the first 5 to 10 deliveries my heart rate is elevated, I feel the pressure, I feel a bit scared because that's how everybody feels – how to cope with that?

MS Dhoni highlights the importance of mental conditioning coach

The game of cricket is not won only by technical aspects but with mind games and mental stiffness as well. There is always an added pressure when playing for India as the media and the fans are ready to pounce on to the player whenever there is an opportunity. Hence the role of mental conditioning coach becomes crucial in this modern era of the game.

Here’s what MS Dhoni had to say about the importance of mental conditioning coach

Mental conditioning coach should not be the one who comes for 15 days, because when you come for 15 days you are only sharing the experience. If the mental conditioning coach is constantly with the player, he can understand the areas affecting his sport.

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