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MS Dhoni’s daughter Ziva gets rape threats after CSK’s lackluster performance against KKR

To say that Cricket is the most followed sport in India would be an understatement. It's almost like a religion in India. The amount of fanfare that each cricketer in India enjoys is second to no other country. Almost each and every person in India have an opinion on what’s happening around the cricket circle. But with all the benefits that come with it, unfortunately, few ‘so-called fans’ makes use of this voice as an opportunity to troll and abuse the players and their family members when they fail. The recent and the most unfortunate of such event happened after CSK vs KKR match, where few ‘so-called fans’ or most preferably to be referred to as online creeps used MS Dhoni’s poor performance as a point to pose rape threats to his 6-year-old daughter Ziva.

Ziva Dhoni gets rape threats

CSK’s middle-order batsmen MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav were on the receiving end of social media trolling and criticisms after CSK failed to chase down the target of 168 set by KKR in Abu Dhabi two days before. Chasing this moderate total, CSK batsmen MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav failed to make an impact and finish the innings for their team. Many used it as an opportunity to shower hate on these players through their social media handles. Just like always, their wives and girlfriends were also dragged on to this matter, by the online creeps.

But this time things took a violent turn as few ‘so-called fans’ used it as an opportunity to pose a rape threat to MSD’s 6-year-old daughter Ziva. This unfortunate incident has shocked everybody and people has requested the people in power to look into this matter with great care. Most citizens have also flooded the internet with messages requesting the government to give strong punishment to the culprit.

Online creeps and the never-ending trolling

Patriarchy and Misogyny in India have approached uncontrollable levels. The country is day by day becoming unsafe for its lady citizens. A large number of rape cases and sexual harassment are being reported every day. The root cause of all these problems starts when men start treating women as second class citizens, and start abusing them through social media profiles. The people who suffer from these online creeps the most are famous celebrities.

The trend of fans trolling and abusing the wives and girlfriends of popular cricketers on their social media platforms was stared way back since the advent of social media. But now by the look of the things, these creeps have taken matters into another disgraceful level. Threatening a 6-year-old daughter with rape threats for her father's bad performance is the latest and the most inhuman and lowest level of trolling or abusing that’ going on rounds right now. If still the government and people in power don’t look into these things, the state of the country and the security of our women, in particular, would be a concerning matter.

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