August 2, 2018
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In Pics: Who was the 12th Man Who got Jennings out of the Match?

By Rajsi Swaroop

Undoubtedly, Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin and England captain Joe Root were the stars of the first day in the first Test match between India vs England, but there was an uninvited guest at the venue who stoles the attention and stopped the play for a while.

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On that day, India were leading the match from the front. England also played well as their captain Joe Root was looking in-colour and timed the ball very well throughout his innings but the day ended on 285/9 for England which was an end to the excellent start.

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It all started with the uninvited guest; A Pigeon. England were going great under Root and Jennings’ partnership but then entered a pigeon who distracted the batsmen specifically Jennings. They both were trying to shoo away the pigeon from the ground so that they can play, but pigeon took his time to go off. Till that time, Jennings scored 42 runs already on the board, but this incident distracted him and Md. Shami took advantage of the moment by taking Jennings out on the very next ball. Md. Shami bowled Jennings which started the fall of England’s first innings. Fans on Twitter began to react on it by calling Pigeon, 12th man of the Indian team.

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I obviously made an error, misjudged the ball, and it ended up in my stumps, and that’s the way it is. I don’t blame the pigeon at all,” quoted Jennings on the post-match press conference.

Jennings in the conference said, if I want to blame things then I should have accused those people who were standing up behind the bowler’s arm, but this was not what happened. It was my mistake, I misjudged it, and I don’t blame any other foreign factor of my dismissal.

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Jennings as laughing for what happened on the field but he was in no mood to take it further.

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