It’s a secret and Dhoni doesn’t want his wife to know about it!

Updated on: May 10, 2018 1:09 pm IST

  • Former Team India skipper MS Dhoni is known to be an extremely private person as he barely discusses his private life in public.
    But, MS Dhoni revealed the name of his first crush in public after a magic trick performer guessed her name.

    But, after the revelation, Dhoni asked everyone not to tell his wife after the crush.

    It happened during an activity in a promotional event, where Chennai Super Kings skipper Dhoni was asked the name of his first ever crush. The magician, who was performing mind and mental tricks applied the trick and started to guess the name of Dhoni’s first name.

    The performer first said that he hoped that his crush was a girl, to which Dhoni replied, “the new trend was not there at that time.”

    Soon after that the magician said that the girl has an ‘A’ in her name. He also added that apparently all the girls have ‘A’ in their names.

    Dhoni replied saying that the third letter in her name had an ‘A’.

    The magician then held a placard over MSD’s head and Dhoni admitted that his first crush’s name was Swati.

    He also said, “Don’t tell my wife, okay?”

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