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Sehwag promotes T10 League, gets trolled by fans

By Christopher Paul

The tweet

After the immense success of the T20 format, a new league is set to make its debut in international cricket, the T10 league. This will be the world’s first ten overs cricket league. The debut is all set for November in the UK.

Naturally, when promoting a new cricket format, veterans get roped in during the promotion. For the new T10 league, former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag was called in. He posted a tweet for the promotion of the newly formed league to his fans, asking for support. He did get some positive replies but unfortunately, he got roasted.

Many of the fans believe the format will reduce the shine of the sport as the shorter the format the more harmful to the sport it will be. Check out the replies down below to see what the fans have to say:

While there are some who are welcoming this new format, many others aren’t.

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