August 31, 2018
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Shane Warne heaps huge praise on India

By Christopher Paul

During an interview at the Ageas Rose Bowl, legendary Australian cricketer Shane Warne had a few things to say about team India.  He was naturally asked if he was keeping up with the ongoing Test series between England and India. He replied that he was and with great interest. He said that India could have won the first test had England not played better. India did learn while playing in this series and showed this beautifully during their victory at Nottingham.

He was then asked if he liked this Indian team line up? To this, he answered that without a doubt he did love this Indian team. He praised their fast bowling and the fact that they could outfield the opposition team. Warne said that he loved their talent and the fact that they can learn and adapt and play in any condition.

When asked about the captain Virat Kohli and his similarities to the great Tendulkar Waren said that Lara and Sachin were the best during his time. He did agree that the way Kohli is playing now, it won’t be long for him to be in conversation with the names of Lara and Sachin.

Warne was also asked but Ashwin and Kuldeep. He answered by saying the two were very talented. He felt bad that Kuldeep had to be sent back to India. He believes that Kuldeep should have stayed and played the current 4th Test and the 5th Test as well. Warne said that with a bit of wrist spin and mystery, Kuldeep could’ve had a lot of success and made up for his lack of performance during the first and second Test match.

Warne also talked about Ashwin. He said that Ashwin lacks patience and needs to understand that his want for a five-wicket haul won’t come every day. He needs to understand the conditions and adapt and not push himself too hard every match. He is very talented and a good player, patience is all he needs, Warne added.

Being one of the best bowlers in the world he was also asked about wrist spinners being used these days. Warne said that spin bowling can be a good weapon in any condition. It just not wrist bowlers but left-arm spinners, finger spinners, they all are good. He also said that the batsmen of today are not playing spin bowling very well.

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