August 13, 2018
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Sunil Gavaskar’s Thoughts On The Indian Batsmen

By Christopher Paul

After their second back to a back loss at the hands of their English Hosts at Lord’s, the Indian team has had to face a lot of harsh words from fans and critics alike. Many analyzing the match and blaming Virat for not planning ahead of the second match after their first loss. Many had noticed that except for Virat all the other players looked lost and unprepared to face their English hosts.

“I had said this in January during the South Africa series, that we will have to prepare for England better. There should be matches in the fourteen days between limited-overs and Test series. There is also a gap between the third and fourth Test of eight days that’s when we should have a three-day practice game.” Gavaskar had this to say.

Continuing his interview, he added, “If you are playing at home and make mistakes, there is still room for a comeback. But overseas, whether it is South Africa or England, you have to work that much harder.” He explained how players shouldn’t get too comfortable playing outside their country and keep focus and try harder as their conditions are not the same as ours.

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Talking about the weather during the match, it was in England’s favour as the sun was out when they came to bat. This was a good thing for the Indian blowers as it lessened the chance of wing in the air. Though the outcome wasn’t as impressive as the English bowlers =, the Indian bowlers were still able to cause problems for the English batsmen.

No one has enough praises for Anderson has he bowled exceptionally. Combining the English weather conditions, he’s used to and his late outswing to become a force to be reckoned with. Along with Anderson, Chris Woakes and Sam Curran were also able to put on a stellar performance.

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