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| On Updated : May 9, 2020 12:49 PM IST

BCCI official gives update on AUS tour, IPL 2020 and T20 World Cup

When will life return to normalcy is a million dollar question that no one can answer at the moment not even the WHO's president. Quarantine is the world we are all living in.

Although there are reports emerging from Italy that a cure has been identified that is effective for the Corona Virus for humans we are still no where near in returning to normalcy. For a common man going to his workplace is returning to normal and for a sportsperson being on the field and playing his sport for the nation is what he would consider normal.

Virat's men ready to quarantine- BCCI

A BCCI official Mr.Dhumal when speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald gave his views on the future of Indian cricket and how they are planning to go ahead with the international calendar. According to him, Virat Kohli's men will be ready to quarantine for a period of 2 weeks after they travel according to the norms and then be ready to play out their matches in Australia.

Two weeks is not that long a lockdown. That would be ideal for any sportsman because when you are in quarantine for such a long period, then going to another country and having a two-week lockdown, it would be a good thing to do. We'll have to see what the norms are post this lockdown

India’s tour of Australia is scheduled for their summer which is 6 months from now. More importantly there’s a global event that is scheduled for October – The T20 world cup!

T20 world cup in October will be ‘difficult'

The treasurer of one of the richest cricket boards of the world Mr. Dhumal also stated his personal views on the happening of the much awaited T20 world cup in October on the shores of Australia. He was quoted saying

Re-starting international cricket with such an important tournament would not be wise. They will have been out of cricket for a long time,Would you want to be without training for that long and straight away go and play (the) World Cup? That is a call every board has to take. It seems to be difficult

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