Top 10 fastest ball in IPL history. Who is the Fastest Bowler in IPL?

Updated on: Feb 6, 2023 1:00 pm IST

Top 10 fastest ball in IPL history

Top 10 fastest ball in IPL history: The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a premier cricket league that has seen tremendous growth in recent years. It provides a platform for young cricketers to showcase their skills and make a name for themselves. Umran Malik, for instance, rose to prominence after a standout performance in the previous IPL season with his pace being a standout feature. He consistently bowled above 150 kmph and his fastest delivery of 157 kmph was the quickest of the tournament.

Since its inception 15 years ago, the IPL has attracted some of the world’s top fast bowlers and provided a global stage for local young talent, including those from remote areas. The fastest deliveries in the IPL have mostly been bowled by fast bowlers from SENA countries, however, few Indian pacers have challenged these international stars in the high-stakes competition. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 fastest ball in IPL history.

Top 10 fastest ball in IPL history. Who is the Fastest Bowler in IPL?

1. Shaun Tait holds the record for delivering the fastest ball in an IPL match. In 2011, playing for Delhi Daredevils, he clocked a speed of 157.71 kph when he bowled to Aaron Finch. As one of the fastest bowlers in all of cricket, Tait made a mark in the IPL during his four-season stint with the Rajasthan Royals, appearing in 21 games and taking 23 wickets. Despite his success in the league, his career was cut short due to recurring injury issues.

2. Lockie Ferguson: In the IPL 2022, the fastest delivery was bowled by Lockie Ferguson and also hold the second spot amongst the Top 10 fastest ball in IPL history. During the tournament’s final match against the Rajasthan Royals, he recorded a speed of 157.3 kmph, earning him the title of the IPL’s quickest bowler. Lockie is widely recognized for his lightning-fast deliveries and showcased his pace multiple times during the 2022 season. He recently rejoined his former team, the Kolkata Knight Riders.

3. Umran Malik is a rising star in the world of Indian cricket. His quick pace made a significant impact in the recent IPL 2022 where he bowled one of the tournament’s fastest deliveries, clocking in at 156 kmph, only second to Lockie Ferguson’s 157 kph. Malik’s performance in the IPL has translated well into his international matches, as he has shown remarkable skill in the recent India-Bangladesh and India-Ireland series. With some fine-tuning on his line and length, he has the potential for a promising future representing India on the international stage.

4. Anrich Nortje: South African bowler Anrich Nortje made waves during the IPL 2020 with his exceptional pace. Throughout the tournament, he consistently delivered balls at over 150 kmph, taking out numerous batsmen with ease. During a game between the Delhi Capitals and the Rajasthan Royals, Nortje bowled a 156.22 kmph delivery to Jos Buttler, which was scooped for four. This ball was the fourth-fastest delivery in IPL history. Nortje’s impressive velocity was one of the key contributors to the Delhi Capitals reaching the final of the IPL 2020 championship.

5. Umran Malik’s incredible pace was on full display during the IPL 2022, where he bowled the fifth-fastest delivery of the tournament. With a speed of 156 kmph, he caused trouble for many batters, demonstrating his raw power on the field. This performance is just one of the many examples of his skill and ability to impress on the cricket pitch.

6. Anrich Nortje: During the IPL 2020, Anrich Nortje played for the Delhi Capitals against the Rajasthan Royals and bowled a delivery at a speed of 155.1 kmph. He stood out as a top-performing fast bowler of the season due to his exceptional pace. This delivery is recorded as the sixth-fastest ball in the history of IPL.

7. Umran Malik has made a recurring appearance on this list for the third consecutive time, showcasing his ability to consistently bowl fast deliveries. In IPL 2022 while playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad against Delhi Capitals, he recorded a 154.8 kmph delivery.

8. Anrich Nortje appears on this list of the fastest balls in the IPL for the third time. During IPL 2020, he recorded his third fastest delivery, a speed of 154.7 kmph, against the Rajasthan Royals. This season was particularly noteworthy for Nortje.

9. Dale Steyn: South African pacer Dale Steyn, despite facing injury setbacks in the latter stages of his illustrious career, was once a dominant force on the field. During the 2012 IPL, a glimpse of his prime was displayed, causing headaches for opposing batting lineups. Steyn still holds the record for the fastest delivery in IPL history, reaching 154.4 kph while playing for the Deccan Chargers. He had a successful stint in the 2012 IPL, taking 18 wickets and finishing sixth overall. Known as one of the greatest bowlers of all time, Steyn troubled many top batsmen in both international and IPL cricket. It’s no surprise that he is listed as having the quickest ball in the IPL.

10. Kagiso Rabada: Another South African speedster has made it to this list. Rabada is widely regarded as the best fast bowler of the current generation across all formats. In IPL 2019, he impressed with 25 wickets in just 12 matches and the following year, he dominated the competition, winning the Purple Cap with 30 wickets. During that season, his fastest delivery was clocked at 154.23 kmph. The Delhi Capitals wisely acquired Rabada, a talented young fast bowler, and he has delivered outstanding performances. He holds the record for the fastest deliveries in IPL history, all of which were recorded in the 2019 season. His quickest delivery that season was 154.23 kmph, the second-fastest in IPL history and the fastest of the 2019 season. During that tournament, Rabada had a remarkable performance, taking 25 wickets in just 12 games and finishing as the second-highest wicket-taker.


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