September 11, 2018
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Twitter goes beserk as Kohli falls for a golden duck

By Chaitanya Laxman

Kohli out for zero in the last innings of the England tour

It was a kind of anti-climax on day four of the fifth Test between England and India. Virat Kohli, the Indian captain and the leading run scorer in this Test series by a massive margin was out on the first ball he faced in India’s second innings.

With a daunting target of 464 to chase and team’s reputation at stake, the fans expected Kohli to sign off the tour on a high note. And the way he batted throughout the series, it seemed inevitable that Kohli would at least get a decent score.

But the Indian captain lasted for only one ball and it surprised everyone present at the Oval.

Broad ends the party for Kohli

And interestingly this unimaginable feat was made a reality by Stuart Broad who has struggled to find his rhythm during this entire series. India had lost two quick wickets when Virat arrived at the crease in the last session of the day and had to face Broad for his first delivery.

Broad bowled a good length delivery outside off stump which was infact so wide that it could have been either left alone or whipped through covers. But Virat just went for a defense tap with feet nowhere close to the ball. He tried to poke without any intent or firmness and ended up edging the ball which was caught safely by Jonny Bairstow behind the wickets.

Image credit @ AFP

Twitter goes wild after Kohli’s duck

The Indian captain’s golden duck was not only surprising for the England team but was shocking for the fans as well. Their reactions were soon recorded on Twitter.

Some even pointed out at England’s reactions after getting Kohli’s wicket.

While some tried to add a pinch of humor in the tragedy.

Some stats in case you missed them!

As usual some conspiracy theories surfaced too!

And then some tried to look at the positive side of the story!

And some valid points were made as well!

Chaitanya Laxman