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| On Updated : Apr 2, 2020 9:09 PM IST

Watch: Jasprit Bumrah names two toughest batsmen to bowl to

The worldwide spread of Covid-19 has caused significant chaos in the lives of people around the World. The pandemic has affected all the important factors of life. Cricket is not untouched with the spread of the deadly viruses. Arguably, sporting World is the most heavily influenced sector of all. The postponement of IPL has forced the players to stay at their homes. However, the cricketers have found ways to entertain their fans despite the quarantine. Jasprit Bumrah is the latest star who welcomed his fans through a Q&A on his Instagram profile.

Jasprit Bumrah talked about several topics, including the toughest batsmen to bowl. He also shared moments from the dressing room.

Jasprit Bumrah gets candid with Rohit Sharma:

Bumrah took to Instagram to do a live session with his fans. He was joined by Rohit Sharma, his captain in Mumbai Indians during the live session. The duo talked about a variety of topics. However, one comment which caught the eye of the pair was when one user asked Bumrah about the ‘toughest batsmen he had to bowl at.’

Bumrah and Rohit Sharma discussed the two overseas batsmen who are toughest to bowl at and Bumrah names two T20 legends. Bumrah named the English keeper Jos Buttler along with Mr 360 as the toughest batsmen. Rohit Sharma also acknowledged the fact that the batsmen who can play all around the field are a nightmare for the bowlers. Rohit added that such players are a headache for the captain as well and the field setting becomes a problematic prospect for such players.

Would you like to play a fantasy game where you can substitute some players during the match?

When will the cricket resume for the duo?

Jasprit Bumrah and Rohit Sharma also talked about a bunch of other things. The antics of Yazuvendra Chahal were also a topic the duo loved to talked about and were enjoyed by the fans.

The IPL which was anticipated to start from 15th April now seems a gloomy prospect. As per the reports suggest IPL will be played out in September and would be the next piece of significant cricket action for the players.

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