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| On Updated : Mar 29, 2020 10:39 PM IST

Watch: Pandya Brothers turn their home into playground

IPL, the mega carnival of cricket, was scheduled to start from 29th March. However, BCCI has postponed the tournament till 15th April due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The future of the competition looks even bleaker under the current scenario due to the 21 days lockdown in the entire nation. The decision is a setback for cricket players and fans alike that look throughout the year for this tournament. However, various cricket players have found ways to enjoy in quarantine. The brothers, Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya, are the latest set of players who have found a new way to enjoy inside the confined area of their home.

Hardik and Krunal Pandya enjoy cricket inside their house:

The 13th season of IPL was crucial for both the brothers. Hardik Pandya was set to make a comeback to the highest level of cricket after a long injury lay-off. In contrast, Krunal Pandya was also in contention to cement his place in the national side of India for the upcoming T20 World Cup.

The postponement of IPL impending on the Covid-19 situation in India in the next week will serve as a significant setback for the siblings. However, they have found a way to enjoy in the adverse case while also entertaining their fans and maintaining their fitness level. Krunal Pandya took to Instagram to share a video of the duo practicing the game inside their house. The video displayed Hardik throwing a ball at Krunal, who was knocking the ball around. The family members of the cricketer were also spotted in the short video.

The duo urges their fans to remain safe:

The pair warned their fans and supporters about the current situation and urged them to stay safe inside their homes. The pair used hand sanitizer during the rear end of the video and showcased the importance of keeping their hands clean to tackle the virus. Krunal Pandya also inspired the fans of the duo to explore new ways to enjoy inside their homes.

Other than urging the fans to remain safe, the Krunal also used the caption of his video to inspire his supporters to stay safe and remain indoors. He wrote,

“We can have fun indoors too. Please stay home and be safe everyone.”

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