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WATCH: Virat Kohli recalls when MS Dhoni asked him to don wicketkeeping gloves

The Indian captain Virat Kohli is a champion batsman and an aggressive captain but not many would rate his wicket-keeping skills but MS Dhoni explored that aspect of the champion batsman as well.

The then Indian captain in MS Dhoni asked the present Indian captain to don the gloves for a couple of overs during an ODI game against Bangladesh and Virat Kohli realized the difficulty level of MS Dhoni's job.

When Virat Kohli understood the pain of MS Dhoni

It is never an easy task to don multiple roles at the same time on a cricket field but that’s what MS Dhoni has been doing all his career.

In a recent chat session with Mayank Agarwal, the Indian captain revealed his wicket-keeping experience.

Kabhi Mahi bhai se puchiyo how did this happen (Try and ask Mahi Bhai as to how did this happen).He said ‘yaar do teen over just keep wickets (Mate, please keep wickets for couple of overs)’. I was keeping wickets and also adjusting the field, Then I understood he (Dhoni) has a lot on his plate when he is on the field because he has to focus on every ball and also adjust the field.

Virat Kohli also revealed that he was worried about getting hit in his face as Umesh Yadav was bowling rockets.

The one problem was Umesh (Yadav) was bowling and he was bowling gas. I thought naak pe lag jaegy ball (what if I get hit in the face) and I wanted to wear a helmet but then thought bohot beizati ho jaegy (it would be very humiliating)

Virat Kohli knows only one way to captain

It was very clear right from the word go when Virat Kohli took over as the Indian captain in 2014 in the Adelaide test against Australia that he will go for kill at any cost. That is what he exactly said to Mayank Agarwal as well when the opener asked about his aggressive approach.

I would not compromise on wanting a result in any situation. Drawing a game for me should be the last, so if you tell me you are chasing 300 on the last day in a Test match. I would tell the guys, let’s try and go for it. It’s 100-run a session, even if the first one gets you 80 with a loss of two wickets, then in the middle session two guys can take the responsibility of dominating the hour and then if you get 100 in that, then you get 120 in the last one.

“If you hold seven wickets in hand in the last session and 120 to get, think of an ODI game, you can easily try and do it,” Virat Kohli further added.

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