July 25, 2018
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Will missing County stint impact Kohli?

By Abhishek Shankar


Everyone was looking forward to seeing Virat Kohli when he signed the county deal with Surrey. Unfortunately, a neck injury didn’t allow him to be a part of it.

Former England skipper, Alec Stewart believes that this might have an adverse impact on Kohli as he will be facing England in the upcoming Test series without much practice.

Alec Stewart, the director at Surrey, was the key man who arranged for the Indian captain’s Surrey contract. Ahead of the Test Series, he said that it would be seen by everyone around if there will be any effect of Kohli missing the Surrey matches.

“In my conversation with Kohli, we told him that we very much wanted him at Surrey in May, and he told us he wanted to be here. Not only Surrey would have got the help, but it definitely would have helped Virat as well. But due to the neck injury, it didn’t happen.” Stewart added.


“In England, Virat has played only a few Test matches compared to anywhere else around the world. So, only he can tell, and we’ll get to know too by the end of this series,” replied Stewart.

“He has the experience of white-ball internationals to get ready for the Test series. When a player like Virat is playing, it is expected that he adjusts accordingly and I wish him to emerge victoriously and pave the way for more world-class players to find a way of succeeding in tough conditions.”

“As many people will be looking to his record, I surely expect him to perform well. I am fortunate that I don’t have to buy tickets to watch him play,” he added.

Stewart is of the opinion that India will perform better this time as players like Cheteshwar Pujara, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishant Sharma have played here previously in the past two seasons, which will help them.

“Players like Pujara, Ashwin and Ishant have played in England before also, so it would only help India. The more you get used to conditions, the better it is going to be as an international cricketer,” Stewart said.

The first match of the five-match Test series begins on August 1.


India were outclassed by England in 2014 as the hosts clinched the series by 3-1.

Virat Kohli, regarded as one of the best batsmen of the world, could also score only 134 runs in his ten innings which also included a couple of ducks.

He could score only 1, 8, 25, 0, 39, 28, 0, 7, 6 and 20 in the five Tests as he finished the series with an average of 13.50.

Kohli had signed his maiden county deal with Surrey in an attempt to improve his red-ball record in England but a neck-injury prevented him from playing county cricket this year.

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