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The casteist remark on Yuzi Chahal that set ‘Yuvraj Singh maafi maango’ trending

With great fame and power comes great responsibility. Celebrities including Bollywood actors and cricketers often forget these as they post certain remarks on social media. Even the slightest of mistakes from these famous people spark a lot of controversies. India’s world cup hero Yuvraj Singh found himself in one such situation as he posted a casteist remark on Yuzvendra Chahal on Instagram live.

Yuvraj Singh makes a casteist remark on Chahal

Chahal had been one of the prominent cricketers who had been pretty active on social media in these days of lockdown. He had been busy entertaining his fans by doing TikTok videos. He also occasionally used to jump into Instagram live sessions of his fellow teammates and other cricketers to post some funny remarks. In one such live interaction between India’s limited-overs vice-captain Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh, Chahal intervened and passed on some comments. Yuvraj Singh replied to that by saying

“ Ye bhangi log ko Yuzi ko koi kaam nahi hai. Yuzi ne dekha kya video daala apni family ke saath.”(This roughly translates to- These ‘bhangi’ people Yuzi has no work. Did you see his video with his family?).

Bhangi means a member of one of the lower untouchable castes, who is a sweeper or a scavenger.

#YuvrajSinghMaafiMaango trends on twitter

This casteist remarks on Yuzi by Yuvraj had sparkled huge controversies in social media.

#YuvrajSinghMaafiMaango( in Hindi) is trending right now on social media and people are questioning the social and moral responsibility of Yuvraj Singh. Most people including his fans have come up against his statement asking him to correct them and offer an apology for Yuzi and the caste.

Yuvraj and the never-ending controversies

It is not for the first time Yuvraj Singh has become a prey for social media attack. Earlier this month he asked his fans and supporters to donate for Shahid Afridi’s welfare organization on humanitarian grounds. But later after few days, Afridi was seen spreading hate about the Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi in Pakistan. This made the fans question his love for his country and they criticized for pledging to donate to the organization of a man who spoke against the prime minister of his own nation.

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