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Yuvraj Singh names the cleanest striker of cricket ball at present

Yuvraj Singh who is a renowned ball striker in his playing days recently hung up his boots last year. Even a couple of days back he showed a glimpse of what he's capable of in the nets in a video released by Cricket Australia.

The Cleanest Striker.

In a recent interview , Yuvraj Singh was asked about whom he thinks as the cleanest striker of the cricket ball. Yuvraj promptly named his Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma as the one. Very few people can argue with that statement. Many commentators and pundits while talking about the flamboyant batsman has already stated that the Indian limited overs vice captain Rohit Sharma as a purest striker of a cricket ball. Rohit brings effortless elegance in his gameplay.

This is what Yuvraj Singh said

I would say Rohit Sharma. He is very clean, and very elegant when it comes to his shots,I don’t think anyone else comes close to Rohit really when it comes to hitting the ball cleanly

Stellar record!
Rohit Sharma has a stellar record in limited overs cricket. He has been simply phenomenal as an opener in both ODIs and T20Is. He has been one of the highest run getter as an opener for many years and has held on to #2 position in the batting ranking for major part of last 2 years. He has an excellent world cup in 2019 where he had scored 5 centuries.

Rohit Sharma has a couple of world records to his name which cannot be broken anytime soon. One of it is that he’s the highest individual run scorer in an ODI match with 264 runs and he's the only one who has scored 3 double centuries in ODI cricket.

Rohit picked along with other giants.
Yuvraj Singh had also named Rohit Sharma as the one who could possibly score a double century in a T20I game. Yuvraj named Chris Gayle and AB De villiers as the other two.

The stylish southpaw said

Rohit Sharma would be the third guy I can think of when it comes to a double T20 ton. He is very clean, and very elegant when it comes to his shots

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