Deepak Hooda Interview: Check out Deepak Hooda’s media interview

Updated on: Jul 3, 2023 10:49 pm IST

Deepak Hooda Interview

India’s batting all-rounder Deepak Hooda recently expressed his admiration for former captain Virat Kohli while discussing his preferred batting position for the Indian team in T20Is. Hooda’s comments came after he scored his maiden T20I century against Ireland, taking advantage of the absence of several senior players who were away for the England tour.

Deepak Hooda Interview

During the previous New Zealand tour, when asked about his preferred batting position, Hooda praised Kohli, who is typically India’s designated number three in white-ball cricket. Hooda referred to Kohli as a “legend” and acknowledged that realistically, he would not be able to secure that coveted batting spot. Hooda’s response showcased his humility and respect for the team’s established players.

“I would like to bat at number five,” Hooda stated. “We have a legend playing at number three, and I have to be realistic. I can’t claim that spot (smiles).” He further acknowledged the challenges of adapting to lower-order batting positions but emphasized that he sees himself as a utility player who can fulfill the role effectively.

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Hooda’s recent performance showcased his versatility as a cricket player. In a match, he bowled 2.4 overs and managed to secure four wickets, exhibiting his exceptional bowling skills. However, Hooda emphasized that his abilities are not limited to just bowling, as he considers himself a batting all-rounder.

For Hooda, scoring runs holds significant importance. As a batting all-rounder, he understands that contributing to the team’s total score is crucial for success. He is constantly working on enhancing his batting skills, striving to make valuable contributions whenever he gets the opportunity. Hooda’s dedication to improving his batting technique demonstrates his commitment to becoming a well-rounded player.

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Moreover, Hooda is also actively focusing on honing his bowling abilities. He acknowledges the importance of being a reliable bowling option for the team. Despite being primarily recognized as a batsman, Hooda has recognized the value of his bowling skills and aims to utilize them effectively whenever the team requires his contribution. By expanding his capabilities as a bowler, Hooda aims to provide his team with additional flexibility and options during matches.

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