Expert tips on how to win small league in Dream11?

Updated on: Oct 26, 2020 12:05 am IST

  • Expert tips on how to win small league in Dream11?

    How to win small league in Dream11: Dream11 kick-started the trend of fantasy sports in India and exponential rise to its userbase is a testament to its success. In India, fantasy cricket is the most popular segment of the Dream11 with millions of users trying to use their knowledge of the game to win a hefty amount. There are majorly two types of contests cricket fanatics could participate in – Grand Leagues and Small Leagues. Enlisted are how to win small league in Dream11 tips

    What is the Small League in Dream11?

    A small league in Dream11 is a contest where 50 or fewer contestants play in a single pool. It varies through the pool of players from 2 users to 50 users in a single contest. The pool of two users is also called head-to-head – two players challenge each other to lock horns with their respective teams.

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    How to choose Dream11 Team Today Match?

    First of all, you have to log in to your Dream11 account. You could log in through the mobile app or on Dream11 website. You could select the match you want to play form the number of matches listed on Dream11 on the given time. It would be best for you if you select a match with the teams you follow or you have knowledge of. Let’s get started with How to win Small League in Dream11.

    Know the basics
    First things first in Dream11 Small League Winning Tips, go through the Dream11 points system thoroughly. You need to know how points are awarded in the game based upon the specific actions on the field. There are different points awarded for runs, a four, a six, a wicket, a catch, a stumping, and a run-out. You need to know every bit of it before making any Dream 11 Prediction Today.

    Read the match properly
    You need to know everything about the game you chose to play Dream11 Small League Team. You need to know about the players of both sides, performing players, non-performing players, their respective playing positions, alongside the playing conditions as well.

    Playing conditions play a vital role in the formation of a team. If the pitch is a batsmen paradise, you need to select more top-order batsmen in your fantasy team. If the pitch has grass on it and the playing conditions are gloomy, you need to select more pacers in your fantasy side.

    Check the current form of the players. It is advised to go with the current form of the players. You need to know how a certain player has performed in the last 5-10 matches.
    However, also don’t ignore the pedigree of a player as well. For example-¬† you cannot miss a player like Virat Kohli even if he hasn’t performed well in the last few games.

    Selection of Captain and Vice-Captain –
    You need to get the selection of your captain and vice-captain right if you want to win the Dream11 small league. The captain is awarded 2 points for each point he earns, while the vice-captain is awarded 1.5 points for each point he earns during the game. Hence, you need to analyze every minute detail regarding the player like their playing role and the impact he could have on the game before selecting your captain and vice-captain.

    Know the Roles of the Players and Manage the Credits:
    While creating your small league side it is vital for the user to know the roles of the players. For example – a lower-order batsman is likely to face a lesser number of deliveries and likely to earn you fewer points than a top-order batsman. Also, there is a minimum and maximum cap on the number of players from different sections. You also need to form your team according to the given credits of players. A user could form his only team in given 100 credits only.

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