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| On Updated : Jan 15, 2021 2:28 PM IST

India’s first sports stock exchange – BUY, SELL & WIN BIG

Fantasy sports in India is growing at a rapid speed, according to a survey there are nearly 1 million plus daily fantasy users who practice fantasy sports every day but fantasy sports grabbed an image of making teams of players,  choosing captains and vice-captains but every day is a new day and makes these days a new era today.

In this article, we are going to tell you about a fantasy application that is unique and distinct from making teams of 11 players.

EXCHANGE22 is a fast-growing fantasy app that has a concept of Cricket stock exchange where you can Buy and Sell shares of players and also hold the shares as you do in the stock market. You can simply use your skills about one individual player: just predict how he will perform in that particular match, if you think on a given rate a player will perform good then just simply buy as many shares as you want to and if you think vice-versa then sell shares of that player. Your winning will be decided according to the base price on which you traded the shares. Multibagger concept is also present in this app where you try to hold a share of that particular player who you think will outperform in that match and grab the highest number of points. Every player has an estimated time of return for example: if you hold 1 share of a player and he has 9 times return in that case if he becomes the Multibagger and by this, your amount gets 9 times.

This app contains an instant withdrawal facility through which you can receive your winning amount in your bank account or Paytm payments bank within seconds. And one unique quality of this app is that your winning totally depends on your predictions, and through smartly deciding the players, you can win big with low investments.

If you think you have good sports knowledge then use it to win some easy money.  To enter the new era of fantasy sports

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